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Document Translation Services

We know that every document translation requirement will be hugely different.  At Word360, we provide a bespoke, tailored  document translation solutions from certified legal translations, cosmetics packaging through to technical marketing documents.

We not only translate your document into your chosen languages but make sure they are free from grammatical errors, technically accurate and legally compliant.

Outlines below are some of the common requests we receive.  Contact us today for more information or an instant quote.

We offer a range of business language services across the United Kingdom.

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Some of the Documents we Translate

  • Medical Document Translation


    We can offer a translator who is in the medical profession and understands more than just the language but also the content on the page.

  • Legal Document Translation


    Our hand picked team of legal translators all have a strong legal background with the qualifications needed to address and understand the documents in the profession.

  • Financial Documents


    Our financial translation solutions are offered depending on the speed and complexity of your document.  Talk to us about translating annual reports, prospectuses, tax reports and press releases.

  • Marriage and Birth Certificates


    We offer certificate translations of birth, marriage and death certificates. We often provide this service for embassies, education and legal sectors.  We also offer an affidavit service.

  • Business Documents


    Our business document translation services covers a plethora of solutions. From international presentations to complex industry specific content, our project managers will deliver a high quality translation to your deadlines.

  • Marketing brochures


    With our marketing materials translation services we will work with you to make your brand and messaging make sense on all your collateral and materials across for over 200 languages.

Certification and Security

Ensuring the information provided to us remains confidential and secure is of paramount importance.  All our linguits are required to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements in order to work on our projects.  In addition, our internal procedures and systems protect your data with firewalls, anti-virus software and the latest encrytion software.

We will only use internal translation management tools, ensuring your data is not shared in an open network.

Our certification services provide proof that a translation is accurate and representative of the original document.  You will also receive the date of the translation as well as a certifications stamp as an authorised translator from Word360. As well as a certification stamp from the Association of Translation Companies (ATC).

If you need legally certified we can also send our translator to swear an oath in front of a lawyer that the translation is accurate such as an Affidavit.

Localise Don’t Just Translate

Document localisation is an important part of the translation process of your document. As well as making sure the words on the page make sense, our document localisation service will tailor that document for its intended audience based on their country and culture.

This understanding of different languages, their cultures and what they come to expect is really what will make your document do it job. Tailoring your document so that it fits social norms within a country or using specific phases or colloquiums can help you gain trust but keep your brand message intact.

Medical Document Translation

Medical documents require sector knowledge so not only the words on the page makes sense but the terminology and context as well. Our medical translators will make sure that once in your translated language, it still conveys the same message that a medical professional will understand in their native tongue.

Whether you need a simple patient form translated, complex medical journal or surgery notes, our project managers will work alongside you to convey your specialised knowledge correctly in any languages you choose.

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Legal Document Translation

It is a prerequiste that all translators working with our legal clients have a legal background and the qualifications needed to understand terminology used in the legal sector in the UK and internationally.

Whether it is legal contracts, affidavits, patents or insurance claims, our translation will be accurate and representative.

We are already on the expert register of top UK firms from the Legal 500 such as Weightmans, Irwin Mitchell, and DLA Piper.

Talk to us about adding us to your experts register.

Financial Document Translation

Understanding, regulatory and legislative requirements as well as techincal terminology is an important aspect of this document management service.

Our banking and financial translation service is used by global blue chip organisations. Our project managers will provide you with quick turnaround for your financial documents at a competitive rate.

Whether you are looking for translation of annual company reports, budgeting sheets or invoices our translation service will maintain the fundamentals of your communications whilst ensuring confidentiality and security at all times.

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Marriage and Death Certificate Translation

Marriage and death certificates are a personal item which requires care and attention to detail. We understand that it can play an important role legally and all of our documents come certified by us free of charge.

If you need an Affidavit we can also offer the higher legal certification for a small additional cost. This is where we would send the translator to a lawyer and they would swear in person legally that the marriage or death certificate translation is an accurate representation of the original.

Business Document Translation

Our business document translation services provide quick, accurate turnaround of any type business document you need.

If you are looking for an important business contract translated or just a staff handbook we can provide you with affordable solution that works for any size business.

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Marketing Materials and Collateral Translation

Making sure your brand is communicated and expressed correctly globally in your marketing materials is important. At WORD360 you will work alongside our projector managers to make sure your content in a choice of over 200 languages still says the same thing as it does in the original language.

We can help you translate anything from a leaflet, poster, branded video to pop-up stands and more. If your marketing has words, we can translate it. If you are looking for cultural translation of your marketing materials we also offer localisation services which will convey your message in the correct way for different territories.

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