Charity of the Year

Our Charity of the Year programme works to champion a charity that is voted for by our employees and who share our mission in breaking down barriers in communication.

We work with small charities to provide them with step changing assistance that enables them to have a big impact. Employees raise funds and increase the profile with the elected charities through a range of fundraising activities that include sports events, quizzes, appeals and various challenges.

It is our mission within that time to be ambassadors for the cause and raise awareness of the charity’s cause and objectives.

Our Charity for 2017

This year we are proud to be working with Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid who provide services for women and children who have been affected by the experience of domestic violence.  This is a very sensitive subject and a serious issue within minority communities.

This charity holds a special place in our hearts as it is one of the charities that we have been privileged to work with for over 15 years.

You can donate to our charity here.


“We have been delivering language services to Birmingham and Solihull Womens Aid for many years but due to confidentiality measures, we never really understood the extent of their services.

Having spent an afternoon with the management and service delivery teams, I was amazed at the range of fantastic services and support they offer women around the City.  It is sad knowing that there are women in our society being mistreated in this day and age. Many of these women come from ethnic minority communities where cultures and religious beliefs allow such behaviours to continue.  Our Word360 team were unanimous in choosing Birmingham and Solihull Womens Aid as our Charity of the Year and we are proud to be able to support such an important cause.  We hope to raise valuable funds as well as raising the profile of this important charity. “

Kavita, Director at Word360