Vision and Values

We don’t believe in words.  We believe in action.

We don’t offer things we can’t deliver.  We exceed expectations.

Our relationships fundamentally underpin our success

The relationships we have with our linguists, the office team that works together to meet deadlines to understanding what our clients’ need.

All of these factors contribute to a harmonious, productive and dynamic environment that enables us to deliver outstanding language solutions.


We do what computers can’t.  We listen.

We understand and find solutions to the bigger picture.  Our clients stick with us because they can pick up the phone and speak to our team.

We won’t be phased if you change the direction of the project or shorten the deadline.


We know we are good.  But we know people who are even better!

These translators, interpreters, voiceover artists, developers, designers and project managers make our team world class.  Our experience and knowledge spans the length and breadth of the globe.


We work with big guys and little guys.

From governance, international standards and market leadership to internationalisation for the first-time exporter, we will draw from our 25 years’ experience to deliver the right solution.


“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.”

William Pollard

Innovation is the undercurrent to our business. We strive to continually re-invent ourselves to make Word360 a better place today and tomorrow.

Communicate with us

We can’t improve unless you tell us where we can make improvements. That’s why we always ask that you give us feedback on your experience with us, good or bad.

We create lasting relationships by offering reliable, bespoke languages solutions through leading technologies and phenomenal customer service with a super network of skilled professionals.

Over 30% of our new clients come to us via referral or word-of-mouth. We realise that our clients are our best salespeople and that is why we will continue to work hard to meet your expectations.