Charlotte Tilbury

Services Used

Charlotte Tilbury is a British makeup artist with a global luxury skincare and beauty brand. With a career expanding over 20 years in the industry it is no surprise that due to the global success of Charlotte Tilbury’s brand, the products are now featured in the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Tilbury has worked with high-profile celebrities such as Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian West and Gisele Bundchen.  As of 2016, Charlotte Tilbury is available in the UK, the US, Canada and the Netherlands as well as online in 37 countries.

Case Study Highlights

  • Translated, proofread and localised into 12 languages
  • Delivery of all project materials within 3 days
  • Cosmetic POS, DFU, and Cautions translation

The Challenge

Charlotte Tilbury were looking for a cost effective partner who could deliver regular translated and localised content for POS and packaging materials in over 12 languages covering Europe, Middle East and China.

Project management is a fine art especially when faced with tight deadlines and zero margin for error. Charlotte Tilbury’s extensive product lines and continuous new product releases mean that they are constantly working to narrow lead times.

In one of the most competitive global marketplaces, maintaining a consistent brand message whilst localising content for the native consumer is essential when releasing a new product to market.

A simple packaging description such as an ‘Eye Mask’ can literally translate into something quite nonsensical in a foreign language. The challenge, therefore, lies in understanding the nuances in language that are transposed across cultures allowing for a product to retain its meaning and acute marketing slant.

The challenge is furthermore enhanced in ensuring that all packaging and descriptions complies with export regulations and compliance criteria such as the European Cosmetics Directive (EC) 1223/2009 and standard INCI guidelines.


The Solution

Word360 have worked with over 25 different cosmetics brands in the past 12 months alone covering 35 languages. This means our translators have extensive experience in this area of work.

Translation Consistency

By ‘qualifying’ the exact requirements for the project, we have created a team that meet the expectations of this client. We offer regularity in project management by ensuring they have the same translation teams for ongoing projects.  This brings insight as well as understanding of our clients requirements and working styles.

For example, it made a big difference that our translator knew that the French must be delivered with accents, even for capitalised characters to ensure all marketing remained consistent throughout.


Specialist Knowledge

The cosmetics industry is highly regulated and Word360 consult industry advisors on the regulatory and legislative requirements per country. This expertise ensures our translators are accurately briefed in the requirements when creating DFU, Cautions and functions.

Tight Deadlines

Continuous tight deadlines mean our translators and proofreaders regularly work out of hours to ensure that the 24 hour turnaround of a project can be met.

Charlotte Tilbury

“Word360 provides the brand with a cost effective yet fast multilingual translation service for our products. But, more importantly in asking the relevant questions to validate context of the text where necessary, Word360 have consistently provided accurate translations suitable for many of our products over many markets, giving us confidence our products are accurate meeting both the requirements of regulations and our customers.

There is no hesitation in recommending Word360 for their excellence and support, particularly when working with projects requiring a fast turnaround.”


Ebba Carlbaum Packaging Development Manager | Charlotte Tilbury Beauty LTD