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An Opportunity for Every Linguist

Word360 is offering anyone with a passion for languages a steady stream of quality work.

Become a part of our team and you will have the opportunity to work with private and public sector clients on a variety of assignments.

We welcome all applicants, but would be especially interested in hearing from you if you:


  • Are interested in face to face, telephone and/or video interpreting
  • Are based in: West Midlands including Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton, Wolverhampton, Walsall and the Black Country
  • Have healthcare, engineering or legal experience
  • Typically have at least two years’ professional experience
  • A valid DBS certificate (Enhanced Disclosure). If you do not have this, we can assist you in obtaining a certificate.
  • Provide two professional referees
  • Have excellent customer service skills


  • Have an internationally recognised translator’s qualification (from a body such as the ITI or IOL in the UK, or the American Translators’ Association, or their own country’s equivalent)
  • Have at least three years’ professional experience
  • Work in different specialisms such as engineering, medical, cosmetics, or legal
  • Work exclusively into your mother tongue
  • Provide at least two professional references
  • Work effectively to deadlines
  • Working knowledge of Trados preferable

If you are confident, motivated and have excellent interpersonal skills then join our growing community by filling in the short application form provided. Our Resources Manager will get in touch with you for more details.

Join our Team or Read What our Linguists are Saying

We are recruiting linguists in all languages, but require the following languages urgently:


Afrikaans | Akan | Albanian | Algerian | Amdo | Amharic | Arabic | Armenian | Azerbaijani | Azeri | Bai | Basque | Belorussian | Bengali | Berber | Bilen | Bislama | Bravanese | Brazilian (Portuguese) | BSL | Bulgarian | Burmese | Bafia | Bassa | Cantonese | Catalan | Chechen | Croatian | Cuban Spanish | Czech | Dari | Dutch | Efik | Estonian | Ewondo | Farsi | Finnish | Flemish | French | Fula | Filipino | Galician | Georgian | German | Greek | Gujarati | Hakka | Hausa | Hebrew | Hindi | Hindko | Hindustani | Hokkien | Hungarian | Ibo | Igbo | Ilocano | Indonesian | Italian | Ingush | Jamaican Patois | Japanese | Javanese | Kibajuni | Kikongo | Kikuyu | Kinyarwanda | Kirundi | Kongo | Korean | Krio | Kurdish (Badini | Sorani | Kurmanji) | Latin | Latvian | Lebanese | Libyan | Lingala | Lithuanian | Luganda | Luxembourgish | Macedonian (Gorani) | Malay | Malayalam | Mandarin | Mandinka | Marathi | Mashi | Mauritian Creole | Mexican Spanish | Mirpuri | Moldavian | Moldovan | Mongolian | Moroccan | Ndebele | Nepalese | Norwegian | Oromo | Ossetian | Pahari | Pangasinan | Pashto | Persian | Pidgin | Polish | Portuguese | Pothowari | Punjabi | Romani | Romanian | Russian | Saraiki | Serbo-Croat | Serbian | Shona | Simplified Chinese | Sinhala | Slovak | Slovenian | Somali | Spanish | Swahili | Swedish | Swiss German | Sylheti | Syrian- Arabic | Tagalog | Taiwanese | Tajik | Tamil | Temne | Thai | Tibetan | Tigrinya | Traditional Chinese | Tshiluba | Turkish | Twi | Ukrainian | Urdu | Uzbek | Vietnamese | Welsh | Wolof | Yiddish | Yoruba | Zulu


Vietnamese, Chinese, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Estonian, French, German, Arabic, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Polish, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian

Our Promise to You

There are multiple perks to choosing to work with us.  With us you will never be short of assignments to choose from and we will always pay you on time. We promise you:

  • Fair and on time payment   We pay on time. Period. We respect your need for prompt payment which is why we ensure your invoices are settled swiftly.
  • Regular work opportunities  Word360 is growing rapidly and continually adding new clients to our portfolio, giving you numerous opportunities to choose from.
  • Variety – Working for us will never be dull. With clients stretching from the healthcare sector through to TV channels, we will continue to offer you variety in the workplace.
  • Flexible hours – Work when you can, where you can. With us you are able to choose your own workload as it suits you.
  • Resources – Our growing community is a constant resource for tricks and tools that would be useful to anyone, regardless of their current level. Take a look at our blog for more information.
  • Work in your own language – By joining our community of translators and interpreters you will have the opportunity to talk and write in your mother tongue, building your specialist knowledge.
  • Training – We have set up easy to use tools to help you choose your assignments on the go. We provide a full training on how to use our technology and give you the opportunity to develop your skills and learning.
  • prompt-payment

    On Time Payment

  • fair-rates

    Fair Rates

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    Regular Work Opportunities

  • medical-prescription

    Work in Your Own Languages

I have been working as an interpreter for WORD360 for the past seven years, and they have always been very friendly, efficient and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Camelia Enache Interpreter, English - Romanian