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Interpreting is becoming ever more crucial with the changes in diversity of our local communities and increased international trade. Many businesses overlook the option of using an interpreter, not realising how helpful yet inexpensive an option it can be. Word360 roots run deep when it comes to interpreting as this is the service we offered when we first began business in 1992.  So yes, we can proudly say, we are experts.

Why Choose Us

  • Specialist


    We match the specialisms of our interpreters to the needs of your business. You can even choose whether a male or female interpreter is allocated to your project.

  • Availability


    With our extensive network of over 500 translators we are able to fulfil  any time 7 days a week.

  • Confidential


    We have the utmost value on ensuring confidentiality across all of our projects and professionalism from start to finish.

  • High Standard


    All our interpreters undergo a rigorous induction and training programme when they join our team to ensure they comply with our high standards and codes of conduct

  • Secure


    All our interpreters are enhanced DBS checked to ensure the safety of our clients and their personnel.

Did you know?

Some languages are only spoken by a handful of people

Linguists  estimate that there are around 6,500 different language spoken worldwide. 2,000 of those languages are spoken by only 1,000 people, making them a critically endangered language!

Face to Face Interpreting (Consecutive Interpreting)

As the name suggests, the interpreter is present at the meeting and listens to the speaker and then repeats it to the listener in their own language. The format is then reversed for the reply. This is the most common form of interpreting and actually our forte!

We are one of the only agencies that meet and induct our interpreters to ensure they meet our standards and follow the WORD360 way. We have a huge database of linguists across the Midlands but also are able to provide interpreters across the UK.

We are proud to be one of the main suppliers to provide interpreters to the NHS for over 10 years and our team are renown to be on time, diligent and professional.

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Some uses for Face to Face Interpreting

  • health-care

    Medical Interpreting

    We have help with the communication between doctors and their international patients as well as A&E interpreting support.

  • legal

    Legal Interpreting

    Whether is be an interpretor needed for a police interview or for a legal business contract meeting we have supported many professionals in the legal industry.

  • graduate-cap

    Education Interpreting

    Parents evenings, student and teacher interviews and open day tour interpreting are some of the ways we can help education establishments with their language needs.

Simultaneous / Conference Interpreting

At a simultaneous / conference interpreting event, the interpreter has to listen to what is being said and translate this into the target language at the same time. This is not easy, a very specific skill and takes natural talent. This type of interpreting would be required at large meetings, TV launches, conferences and trade shows.

Conference interpreting can be delivered in a number of ways. The whisper technique requires that the interpreter whispers the translation of what is being said in to the listeners ear either in person, usually in a smaller surrounding like a courtroom. Alternatively, an interpreter may wear headphones, be located in a booth and deliver the translation to one or a number of delegates. This is mainly used for larger events like conferences. As there is no time to think through translations, simultaneous interpreters must make decisions on the spot. This takes skill!

At WORD360, we have the specialist interpreting equipment and experience to work with you to host an event with international delegates, effortlessly.

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Some uses for Simultaneous & Conference Interpreting

  • court

    Court Rooms

    A common use for simultaneous interpreting is in a court room which requires the interpretor to usually whisper the translation directly into the ear of the client.

  • speech


    Normally contained in a soundproof room, the interpretor will listen to the speaker and relay the translation to an audience who is listening via headphones.

  • man

    Corporate Meetings

    Usually used for global meetings, interpretors will be able to sit with a individual and communicate what is happen across the table and input for the client.

Telephone Interpreting

Sometimes it may not be possible to get an interpreter to a location, especially if time is of the essence. That’s where telephone interpreter can be a quick, cost effective solution.

The interpreter will be on your call translating what they hear into the language of the listener and relaying the response. This form of interpreting may be of a slightly lower quality as the interpreter may not be able to pick up on visual cues from the speaker but it is effective nonetheless in communicating with someone quickly and easily.

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Some uses for Telephone Interpreting

  • tap

    Service Companies

    Owner of a garage or a local plumber? Telephone interpreting is useful for when you need someone quickly and cost effective to act as your support in closing the sale.

  • seo-consulting


    It could be a doctors appointment or a business consultation, with a telephone interpretor you can take the stress away from trying to get your message across correctly.

  • interview


    Telephone interpreting can be useful when doing telephone interviews or public sector work such as social work assessments. They are cost effective and convenient not being tied to a location.

Video Interpreting

Another cost effective option worth considering is our video interpreting. Easy to set up, you can connect to an interpreter via your tablet, PC or laptop. Our video interpreting enables you to have the best of both worlds, the expertise of an onsite interpreter with the convenience of telephone interpreting.

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Some uses for video interpreting

  • line-chart

    International Business Meeting

    When doing deals online across different countries sometimes it can be easier to arrange a internet video meeting than flying round the world

  • first-aid-kit

    Accident and Emergency

    In those situations where ever second counts, video interpreting at hospitals can connect family to medical interpreters to ask for allergies, medications and to give peace of mind.

  • family-silhouette

    Family Events

    A big family can mean an international side, when you need help connecting the family together overseas an interpretor can be the middle man.

Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust
  • Complete managed Service
  • Delivery of all language services through a single unified online management system
  • Face to face interpreting
  • Telephone and video interpreting
  • Medical document translation

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