Localisation Services

Direct word to word translation is just one part of the linguistic puzzle, the second part localisation, is important when trying to convey your message in different languages around the world. When communicating your product in another language it is important that not only the word, tone and grammar are translated but also how cultures differ on what they understand and expect with the delivery of information.

With our localisation services we will help you streamline your language process and improve engagement in your overseas territories. Whether you want just a website localised for a single market or a video game or app localised for multiple, our team of experienced project managers will support your efforts on both the processes and the technical part of the project.

Website Localisation

With websites being one of the first impressions you give to potential customers it is important that you make the right one. Accurate translation is only part of translating a website, our team will work with you to deliver a website in another language that also conforms so social and cultural needs of the target audience.

This can range from colour adjustments, currency formats or the reversal of the entire page layout. Whether you want just a website localised for a single territory or multiple our team of experienced project managers and web developers will support your efforts on both the process and the technical side of the project.

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Software Localisation

Software localisation with Word360 is designed to help you penetrate your chosen international territories, we will support the translation of your software and further work with you on the cultural aspects of that translation from one language to another. As part of the software localisation we can also offer both on-site or off-site to testing and prepare your software for international market.




Desktop Software


Web Applications

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Our Services for Effective Localisation

Localisation Strategy

We will look over your intend plans and audit your strategy and feedback to you how to improve your overseas marketing goals.

Marketing Services

Translate, localise, create. We will help you with your international branding and marketing materials to ensure your messaging and collateral are reflective of the language you want to communicate in.

Branded Translation

Translating the words is one thing but we will make sure that our translation works with your brand tone and message, giving a consistent voice across all your communications.

Video Game Localisation

Video games stand themselves apart from the usual product or software localisation due to their many parts and process that is required to bring a game to market. Releasing a video game across multiple territories in different languages at the same time can be a big task, our team of project managers will help you at every step of the way for a successful simultaneous release.

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Marketing Communications Localisation

Marketing communications localisation encompasses a range of different formats and activities from PR, events, branding and market research. Maintaining the correct tone and branding throughout different channels and collateral is important but our team will also work with your marketing team to ensure your communications and translation fits with your chosen global audiences.

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Mobile App Localisation

Make your app go further with mobile app localisation and target international markets across the global app stores for iPhone, Android and Windows. While your app may already be available globally it might not be global-ready, localising your app makes sure it is in top shape for the territories you want to target.

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Did you know?

An easy example of localisation is in the UK the pound sign (£) sits in front of the numbers. In a lot of European countries however, the Euro sign (€) is placed after the numbers.