Marketing Localisation

Your Message The Right Way

Just how our marketing translation service would make sure the words are translated into your chosen languages it would not carry over any cultural or regional nuances.

With marketing localisation we would work with your marketing team to produce materials and collateral which are ready for the global market. This could involve changing the colour of a brochure for a certain country or replacing words as they hold different meanings.

Did you know?

KFC introduced Chinese specific meals into their menu for China

KFC added pots of Chinese porridge, some traditional Chinese breads which are served for breakfast and a selection of different rice based meals. This helped grow KFC’s image and popularity around China while still offering their famous chicken.

Your Global Marketing Strategy

Working with Word360 we will be able to support you on what would and would not work within your current marketing strategy. If you only have a local strategy we can give you some key advice from our knowledge of working with different languages and markets to build out a global or territory specific plan.

Already got a global marketing plan? We would be happy to have a look over it and see what countries you are targeting and giving you some insight into their habits to best make use of your current plans and goals.

With localisation, the key is to make sure that cultural needs and wants of the consumer are still tailored for and our expert team is ready to help you.

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