Video Game Localisation

Supporting you on your strategy for your international marketing goals we are able to guide you with localisation across any video genre be it FPS, RPG, MMO as well as any part of the video game process such as in-game UIs, subtitles for cut scenes or game manuals and pack shots.

We are Gamers

Localising video games is not just about making sure the text makes sense in any given language, going on step further and understanding the industry and how video games are made is a must.

At Word360 we have staff who have not only worked and still work in the video games industry but are long time gamers themselves. We know what good translation and localisation should look like and we know how games work, combing the two to deliver a top notch localised game, which is ready to ship.

We know the Video Game Industry

cogWe understand there are many parts to localising a video game from manuals, character voice overs, in-game text, textures and more.

programmingVideo games don’t end after launch, we are ready for post launch localisation of in-game content, marketing materials and DLC.

gamepadWe know games development isn’t a straight line and are here to support vertical slices for trade shows or changes in the project.

24-hours-deliveryVideo games are made all over the world, so we are available 24/7 whenever you need us.

Did you know?

The UK gets a lot of video game sales from overseas.

On average, 45% of a UK games company’s turnover is generated from international sales

Ways we can help

  • Voice Over Translation
  • Written Document Translation
  • Multitasking Design Services
  • Audio Translation
  • Subtitling
  • Website Localisation
  • Cultural market understanding

Why Choose Word360?

  • Dedicated Video Game Specialists

    We have in-house staff who specialise in the games industry, coming from a background in games design and games PR. On top of that, our translators are also hand-picked and have worked on video game localisation projects before.

  • Range of Languages

    We are able to offer video game localisation in over 250 languages, including rarer languages and dialects. Your video game can become as global as you want it to be and we can help you scale with different languages as the project progresses.

  • Industry Knowledge

    Not only do we have the knowledge of the translation and localisation industry, we understand how to apply that correctly to video games. Our experienced staff have worked in both industries being able to connect them both effectively.

  • 24/7 Support

    The hours you pour into creating your game we want to support that whenever you need it. Our team are standing by and are available to help you whenever you require. A last minute tweak or a big block of translation, we will be ready.