Website Translation and Localisation

Our Website Localisation and Translation Services

Website Translation and Localisation are normally two sides of the same project. To compete internationally having a website in your buyers language is a must as most buyers prefer to purchase in their native tongue. At WORD360 we can help take control of your global web presence and increase your sites exposure and engagement on the internet.

How does Website Translation Work?

Website translation can seem like a massive task and can feel daunting if it is the first time tackling such a project. With our range of services we can support you end to end with changing your website into another language and explain step by step what the different processes involve.

There are multiple ways that website translation can work, the most simplest it to translate your key pages into the target languages you require and serve those to visitors within those countries. The most comprehensive website translation is complete translation with the ability to select your home language. Not only does it include key pages but all content on the website such as blog posts, links and even logos.

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Other Website Services

  • Multilingual SEO

    Our Multilingual SEO service will support your translated website and help boost its organic growth within your target countries search engines.

  • Video Translation

    If you have video on your website our video translation service will also make sure that as well as your written content your video is also available in the correct language.

  • Mobile App Localisation

    To keep consistency across all your channels we can also translate and localise your mobile app with out mobile app localisation service.

How does Website Localisation work?

Sometimes confused as the same thing, website localisation and website translation are different in how well your website will engage with its users.

Unlike just translating a website which puts the words into the correct language, our website localisation will also focus on cultural differences such as making sure correct colours are used or how certain translated words can mean different things. Buying habits will be looked into for that language to better reflect the actual speech used and designs to draw in new customers.

of users spend more time on a website that is written in their own language.

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Content Management System

Websites can come in all shapes and sizes and be built using a range of different CMS platforms. We are able to work with any out of the box CMS systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla and are familiar with multi-site set ups such as a WordPress Network.

If you have a custom built CMS, our project managers will find out a little bit more about your CMS. Once we have a better understanding, we can tell you more specifically how we can help your website localisation and translation project.

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Twice as much time
is spent on a website if it is in a users own language

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Multilingual SEO – An Important Factor

We may have mentioned this briefly above, but Multilingual SEO is an important part of a website and should be considered when translating and localising a website or a immediate after thought.

Too often companies wonder why their newly translated website is not bringing in lots of traffic and appearing on Google or other search engines. Our Multilingual SEO service looks at helping you with keyword research and content creation to target that countries needs and interests.

Find our more about our Multilingual SEO service.