Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)

When your create marketing collateral or designs for your home language you make every effort for them to look their best. When it comes to translating and localising them, adding the text to the existing design is not always the right answer.

At Word360 we can offer to support your translation efforts and give you back a complete artwork file that still fits your original design but suits the translated language.


Our design team have worked with many specialist languages, offering over 200 different language combination for our DTP design service.

We have a range of different multilingual fonts, this allows us to effectively handle more complex languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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Did you know?

You can see all your overset text in InDesign.

To see your text which is too long for your frames, go to the Story Editor from Edit > Edit in Story Editor. From there look for the red line to the left of your text. Everything next to the red line is over set text.

Photoshop / Illustrator

Our designers have extensive knowledge within both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Depending on the type of project determines what is the best software to use, Illustrator is ideal for vector graphics such as logos, while Photoshop works best with pixel based graphics such as photos and sometimes artwork that does not need to be scalable.

Before starting a project we will ask what formats you are using as well as what your requirements are. We can best advise you on the most practical software solution moving forward with your multilingual translation using desktop publishing software.

Did you know?

Always find the centre of your document.

Finding the centre of a Photoshop document can always be tricky with uneven canvas sizes. To find your centre, go View>New Guide Layout and tick on “Columns” and “Rows” and choose to have “2” columns and “2” rows. Also, be sure to set the “Gutter” to “0”

You can also save this pre-set for later use. Never be off-centre again!


Word360 designers have experience working and formatting translated InDesign documents. InDesign is one of the most popular ways to create a range of different documents from marketing collateral, catalogues, instructions manuals and technical operational manuals.

If you are designing in InDesign then it is important to plan and execute best practice for InDesign in order to ensure seamless translation for the current project and any future translation of that document. Our designers will go through your document and will report on any possible design problems that may cause issues when the translation is under way. We can then make any fixes and begin the translation all together to improve the lead time and make the multilingual InDesign desktop publishing more cost effective.

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