Proof Reading Services

Like any written copy making sure it conveys the message you want in your brand voice can be a difficult task with only one set of eyes. Our proof reading translation service is the final check and corrections process, so that you can feel confident your message stands up against all others.

What’s involved in our Proof Reading service?

When proof reading your translation we will polish your already written copy, checking over the terminology used for that language and ensuring there is consistency throughout.

As it is important your brand is still represented in any language as part of our proof reading, your brand tone will be checked against your translated copy. From there we can advise you on any tweaks or changes to the language that better fits with your voice.

Proof Reading Confidentiality

We understand that it is important that your IP be protected at all times. All of our translators and proof readers are bound by a confidentially agreement with us but if you require us to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement then please get in touch today with one of our project managers.

SEO Proofreading

Do you need some copy proofread but with multilingual SEO in mind? We can offer you our standard proof reading service which will make sure your copy reads correctly, in the right tone and is grammatically correct. However, it won’t include any keyword research or advice on how to improve it to help build your search engine presence.

For extra support with your SEO proof reading, find our more about our Multilingual SEO services and how we can fine tune your copy for a global audience online.