Multilingual SEO

Our Multilingual SEO Services

Be found on search engines internationally and grow your brand and sales online with our multilingual SEO services or also known as International SEO.

Word360 will work with your marketing or technical teams and support your SEO efforts to rank internationally within search engines for your target markets.

Multilingual Keyword Research

Keywords are the heart of search engines and any business that wants to increase their conversions and ROI online will need to know what keywords their business should be targeting. Researching keywords that work for your foreign markets can be difficult and require a lot of time. By working with us, we will help take the stress away from keyword research and just give you the information you need to make the right decisions.

Our Multilingual SEO keyword research will look to compile a list of keywords which are right for your product or service in the country you wish to target. Our SEO experts will work in partnership with you to put those keywords into content which helps the correct user find you but also find what they are looking for.

Keywords are no longer the main source of sustenance for SEO but are still an important part of the overall process. We can help begin or strengthen your international efforts to build up a solid foundation as well as support your local SEO efforts in the UK.

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It's Not All About Google

It can be very easy to ignore other search engines when you start multilingual or international SEO but depending on what country you target, Google might not be the ‘go to’ search engine for that region. In Russia Yandex is the top dog, while in China it is Baidu and in South Korea it is Naver.

Much like Google, each of those search engines have their own ways of determining what is the best and most relevant content for each search. This means they have their own weightings on links, content and social media as well as their own indexing policies and control panels.

Multilingual Link Building

Building links to your main website is important but on the international markets they won’t be enough to help you compete internationally on their local level. The same way you look for high authority sites for your global website, you will need to have local relevant and high quality links for your multilingual link building plan.

We will help you gain quality links to your new website or part of your existing website that you have localised as part of your wider search marketing plans.

Website Support

Whether your website is built on a custom CMS or a widely used one such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla we will help you make your website ready for its Multilingual SEO upgrade. This can a number of different things.

  • Technical SEO

    On-page SEO also includes your website’s code. Our team will make sure your multilingual SEO is strong from the ground up such as including the rel=”alternate” hreflang link element.

    Our team will audit your website’s code and other factors including your server to compile a list of improvements which can be used as a foundation for one part of the multilingual search engine marketing plan.

  • Multilingual Sites

    Whether you have a single website, WordPress network or cookie based language selection, we will guide you on the best practice needed for great international SEO.

    Starting from your current setup we will guide you through the necessary changes to make your existing set up compatible or help you migrate over to better alternatives which support international websites.

  • Deep Page Linking

    Making sure your links stay relevant in the chosen language and your internal link structure is consistence is important. We will help you keep consistency and “link authority” even when changing to another language on your website and improve the current user journey to match your target language/country.

Blog Writing and Content Translation

Just like a blog in your home language, writing content in other languages will help increase your web presence for those territories that you are looking to target. On top of our multilingual SEO keyword research and website optimisation we can create or incorporate your keywords into content on your behalf.

If you prefer to write the content yourself we can offer you our translation, localisation and proofreading services to support with your content creation.

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