Multilingual Subtitling

Video is becoming more and more popular as a business marketing tool. For this reason, more businesses are looking for translation of their video content to be able to engage with a much wider audience.
Multilingual subtitles offer a cost effective and efficient method of engaging with your customer or end user. Our specialist translators will create susbtitles from your English transcript which can then be super imposed on top of the video by our didgital team, if requireed.

In house Expertise

Unlike many translation companies, we have an inhouse team of designers and developers who are able to create multilingual videos to your requirement from corporate marketing videos to creative film and documentaries.  Our attention to detail and quality as led us to work with companies such as BIFFA and Parcelforce.

We can produce time-coded files which will then enable you to create your own subtitles, or we can integrate the subtitles on your behalf, maintaining your brand style and design. Using a plethora of design and digital editing suites, we can deliver your project in the file format of your choice and by your deadline.

Cost Effective Subtitling Service

Our subtitling service is done on a per minute basis, this means that you only pay spending how long your video is. Only need a 15 – 30 second video subtitled for Social Media? Then only pay for the time of the video and is dependent on the languages that you need the subtitles in.

When would I need Subtitling?

There are many different times businesses need multilingual subtitling services but here are some of the more common applications:

  • Television broadcasts
  • Documentaries
  • Feature films
  • Corporate videos
  • Social media
  • Educational videos
  • Training Videos
  • e-Learning
  • Webcasts