Multilingual Voice Over Services

At Word360 our professional voice over artists are native speakers in your target language and will allow you to relay your message in the same style and tone as the original.

We can provide our multi language voice over services in over 250 languages and dialects with an in-house technical team to assist your video and audio needs.

Contact us today and one of our project managers will take you through our services and how we can help with your next voice over translation project.

We offer our voice over services across many companies and industries in the United Kingdom.

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Professional Voice Over Artists & Translators

Each of our chosen voice over artist will be able to recreate your message in the same way your original comes across in both style, tone and accuracy.

On top of the voice over artist, our experienced translators will make sure to take any language nuances into account to reflect the source material the most accurately. This will enable the voice over artist to give you the best finished product, ready to be used.

The Multilingal Voice Over Process

If you have never undertaken a voice over project before we have outlined below the general process each one takes to give you an idea of how it will flow from start to finish.

  • Prepare the script

    The first stage is to get an English script which has all the relevant information needed to begin the translation for the voice over. After working with you we will make any agreed amendments on the script, proof read it and  once signed off it is ready for translation.

  • Translate the script

    Once ready, the script will be translated into the languages of your choice and prepared after being proof read for the voice over artist to use, as they are not translators.

  • Record the voice

    Once they have the script the artist/s will being the recording in the studio and will go through different levels to iterations until all languages have been completed. Some of the previous languages we have done are Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Arabic and Vietnamese.

  • Proof the voice over

    Once each of the recordings have been edited and categorised, they will be checked over by the vocal artist and again by a secondary independent native speaker to ensure they are correct and ready for use.

  • Prepare the medium

    After being checked, the recordings can be supplied in all the popular formats including CD, DVD, Podcast, USB and digital. If artwork is needed for any physical copies, we can also provide our desktop publishing services.