Professional Translation Services

With the advent of instant online machine translation anyone can get words translated, right?

Completely true, but we liken this to a nurse performing major heart surgery…. They may have an idea of how it’s done, but you wouldn’t trust them with your life.

At Word360, we have the experience, knowledge and resource to ensure that your project receives the level of skill and professional expertise delivering solutions that would conform to international standards and cultures. Originally started in Birmingham, West Midlands, we now offer our services across the UK including places such as London, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton and Essex.

Corporate terminology

Your words. Different language.  Same message.

The art of the translation is in ensuring we understand and convey the nuances that are personal to your brand message or industry terminology.  In context, this means ensuring the specific terminologies and expressions are delivered in another language.

Our skill lies in not just translating text word for word, but in contextualising the content so that it implies the same meaning in another language as the original.

We do this through years of industry knowledge and innovative technology that allow us to record client specific translation expertise that ensures the concurrency of future translations.  These include tools such as translation memories, terminology bases and glossaries.

Document Translation

Our expert project managers and team of translators will support and guide you through the documents translation process. Whether it is a simple marriage certificate or complex medical or legal documents, our team will work with you to communicate your content, tone and voice to meet your brief.

Marriage & Death Certificates

Medical and Legal Documents

Marketing Materials and Collateral

Personalised Business Cards

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Website Translation

You only get one chance at a first impression….

Today a website is the natural first impression for most prospective customers and making the right first impression is important. Localising your website for your visitors in their native language will increase the chances of them buying from you. Having a multilingual website will give you an advantage over your competitors and engage on a personal level with your consumer.

Your international marketing strategy should also incorporate website optimisation for your international audience.  Talk to us about how we can provide a complete website translation and localisation service in addition to international SEO and PPC.

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Why Choose WORD360

  • Experience and Specialist

    We match the experience and specialisms of our translators to the needs of your business. Whether it’s a technical document or a tweet, we have the right expertise to suit your needs. When you choose our translation service we guarantee you will get a native speaking translator who is fully qualified to deal with your requirements.

  • Proof Reading

    What makes us different from other companies is we offer proof reading as standard. We don’t charge different level of “quality” services and cut costs by taking away critical areas of transition such as proof reading. When you have something translated by us we have it professional proof read  as part of our service to you.

  • Dedicated Account Managers

    For any project, no matter how big or small, you have a point of contact at WORD360. They will keep you up to date on the progress of your translation, ensuring your project is on time and to the high standard you expect. You can get in touch with them whenever you need!

  • Desktop Publishing Services

    If you want to take away the stress off redesigning your marketing material or website once it’s been translated…. we can do that for you as well. Our desktop publishing services will ensure your translation is presented in exactly the same way as the original.

  • Complete Confidentiality

    WORD360 works with a number of top legal firms and we understand the need for discretion and privacy. All of our in-house team and linguists have signed our terms and conditions for nondisclosure and confidentiality.

Software Translation

Launch in multiple markets with our expert team to help you translate and localise your software. With our support we will help meet your language translation requirements and make sure your delivery is as smooth as possible for your software release.

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International SEO and Content Translation

Rank well and communicate effectively digitally across major search engines and other digital platforms. We will work with your Marketing and IT departments to improve your international SEO and improve your SERP’s in your chosen territories.

Our International SEO services and team will help you tailor your online content and improve your organic rankings within your customers local search engines and other platforms.

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Our Language Translation Process


Documents / Artwork Received

We get the artwork or documentation by you and the languages in which you want it translated.

Translation Begins

We send your “words” over to be translated by our translators which are specialised in your industry such as medical professionals used for medical documentation translation.


Translated Words Added To Artwork/Document

To keep consistency we will use the same design software such as Photoshop or InDesign to replicate your work in the translated languages.


Document Proof Read

Once translated and into your own art work files, we send it to another translator who is a professional proof reader. They highlight any language and cultural tweaks and is sent back to us for changes.


Finished Product Sent to You

Once translated and proof read your document will be sent over to you. This is where you can ask for any amendments and once you are happy the finalised artwork and files will be emailed over to you.

Film / Video Translation

Social Media has shown an increase in video content and allows for another medium to promote your brand and speak to your customers. Through video marketing you can help both excite and inform your viewer and what better way to do so than in the language they understand the best.

At WORD360 we will guide you through the video translation options available such as subtitling, script translation and voice overs to make your film or video ready to be released in multiple languages.

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Sight Translation

Receive the support when you need written text translated and then spoken aloud directly to the person who needs the information.

Sight Translation is the act of reading words in a language but translating those words simultaneously through speech to the relevant party. Commonly used in the legal and medical sectors, sight translations act as a written to spoken interpretation but usually consider the step before simultaneous interpretation between people.

Our team will help convey the message to your party who are unable to read the documents and help them understand what has been written.

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