Audiovisual Video Translation

Our Audiovisual Translation Services

With video being the new way to reach customers it is important to be able to engage as many as possible. Our Audiovisual can easily translate your content into many different languages which can include voice over work, subtitling or transcribing dependant on your needs.

Voice Over Translation

The voice over process consists over replacing the current narration voice track into another language where you normally will not see any actor within the video.

Our Audiovisual translations will give customers a like for like high quality voice over using an artist of their choice. Usually voice over translation works well for TV broadcasts, training or informative videos, website video content and in-app videos

When working on voice overs there are two main types of recording that can be done:

Wild recording, the voice over artist will read from the script with any syncing to the video. Usually best used for videos without any actors in and don’t require very tight timings.

Script Syncing, allows the script to be translated and sync directly on top to fit in with specific time codes. This is particularly important if you have people in the video that needs lips to be synced as closely as possible.

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Tinker Taylor | BIFFA

From the moment we got in touch with WORD360 we were provided with very professional and helpful service. We has 7 films which needed to be translated from English into Mandarin (Including voice over and onscreen graphics), all under an extremely tight deadline. Kavita linked us with the appropriate translators and we were able to

Sam Taylor Creative Director

Audiovisual Subtitling

Subtitling a video is one of the more cost effective solutions to translating your video for international audiences. Subtitling usually requires translating the spoken language in a video onto a written script which is then encoded into the video as subtitles.

This is a very popular form of video translation when creating online training materials, e-learning content, web video content and even feature films and television shows.

Our experience team will guide you through the process of subtitling your video and will meet industry standards for timing margins and suitable subtitle styles for your video. We can also offer the subtitles to either be hard-coded (burnt) into the video or attached as a separate file.

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Biffa | Tinker Taylor
  • Translation and localisation of a specialist transcript
  • Multilingual Voiceover of the script to fit a video that had already been created
  • Post-editing services to ensure accuracy of the audio and visual content.
  • Subtitling and onscreen graphics creation into Mandarin

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