Document Translation Services

Document Translation

At Word360 we provide bespoke, tailored document translation solutions. We will always deliver a quick and accurate service, regardless of budget or deadline. This is made possible by our team of expert translators who have been chosen for their language proficiency and industry expertise.

Organisations such as DPD, Parcelforce, BBC and Charlotte Tilbury have partnered with us on multiple projects, because of our ability to deliver translations that are technically accurate and legally compliant. By choosing us, our clients can be sure that the meaning and message of each text we work on will be preserved across more than 250 languages.

We offer a range of document translation services in over 250 languages.

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  •  ISO 9001 Quality certificate

    Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2015

    This certificate ensures that Word360 is following the seven principles of quality as laid down by the International Organization for Standardization

  • Association of Translation Companies

    Association of Translation Companies (ATC)

    The ATC has created industry standards that ensure that business and people seeking translation receive the service possible. As a member of the ATC we have turned this into our motto

  • Institute of Translation and Interpreting

    Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI)

    As members of the ITI we are regularly assessed via rigorous quality checks that ensure that we serve our customers in the best way possible

  • word360 27+ years of experience

    27+ Years of Experience

    Over the past two decades, Word360 has built itself the reputation of a language service provider that does not compromise on quality and always delivers work quickly and accurately

Some of the Language Services We Offer

  • Business Translations

    business translation

    Our business services cover a plethora of language solutions. From international presentations to complex industry specific content, our project managers will deliver a high-quality translation to meet your deadlines.

  • Marketing Materials

    marketing translations

    To ensure that your brand and messaging is understood in any language, we will put together a team of dedicated experts. Their skills in language localisation and marketing will ensure that your message is not ‘lost in translation’ and considers the cultural and social context of the words.

  • Marriage and Birth Certificates

    certificate translation

    We provide official translation of birth, marriage and death certificates that are signed, stamped and certified to be presented to government and non-government organisations.  An affidavit service is also available.

  • Medical Document Translation

    medical translation

    As a primary language provider to the NHS, we have linguists with extensive medical experience who produce translations of medical terminology and regulatory requirements.

  • Legal Documents

    legal documents translation

    For each project that we receive we put together a handpicked team whose members have a strong legal background and the qualifications needed to translate any document, using legal terminology.

  • Financial Documents

    financial documents translation

    Contact us about annual reports, prospectuses, tax reports and press releases. We can create a custom service package including design and printing to suit your needs.

Quick and Accurate Translation Services

Why choose us?

Here at Word360 we take an individual approach to each project that we receive. Identifying the purpose and nature of the text is only the first step. For each piece of content, we will put together a team of translators that are not only native in the targeted language, but fluent in the industry terminology. This will ensure the meaning of each text will be preserved across multiple languages. Even when working to a strict deadline, one of our Translation Managers will be in touch to provide regular updates.

Through this process we can offer a complete integrated language service from start to finish.