Technical Translation

Our Technical Translation Services

Technical translation covers multi-faceted sectors including engineering, computer science, chemical and software.

We create engineering and science translation teams with specialist knowledge of specific specialisms to maintain accuracy, relevance and context of a translation project.

Our technical translators work with key documents such as  technical proposals, CAD designs, operating manuals and technical documents that require with complex formatting, diagrams technical knowledge.  If you do work or are looking to work in the global marketplace for your technical industry we can help get your message across.

Technical Documents We Can Translate

We are able to offer a range of different technical translations which cover a wide range of different types of documentation, software and materials. Below are just some of the common technical translations we can offer.

  • Technical drawings and documentation
  • CAD designs
  • Operating & safety manuals
  • Building Plans
  • Patents
  • Engineering reports
  • Technical User Manuals
  • Engineering specifications
  • Bid & Acquisition Documentation
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Product Safety Data Sheet(PSDS)
  • Vehicle Manuals
  • Training documentation
  • eLearning documentation
  • Entertainment user interfaces (such as in-car)

Our Expert Technical Translations

Precision and attention to detail are the highest priority when working with engineering, chemical and manufacturing industries. The work that our project managers do alongside our translators all have the the technical experience to complete the work to a high standard that the sector expects.

We understand that even the slightest mistake in technical translation can be serious and make sure that the translators working on your project have expertise in your field. Our proof reading service that comes as part of our translations tasks other translators to proof work to minimise any errors and provide quality at every stage.

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International Synergies

We have been delighted with the translation services of Word360.  Response times and quality are excellent and we like the flexibility and options they provide at prices that are very good value indeed.  We knew we were with the right people when our own clients complimented us on the translations.  I am delighted to recommend

Peter Laybourn CEO

Technology and Terminology

Specialist translators in your target language allow us to provide the most up to day terminology. Understanding and working regularly in their chosen specialism they can reflect any changes in technical terminology easily as well as understanding the requirement to research any new terminology.

With your technical translational we use the latest translation memory tools which provide a way of creating a glossary of terms for technical terminology.  The more projects we work with you, the bigger this memory becomes allowing us to more quickly but accuracy translate other works using the same language.

This ultimately creates a quick and streamlined process of translation tailored directly to you which also reduces timing and cost.

By working with technical experts like translators; they are able to understand the nuances required in translating a technical document. This enables us to offer a faster yet accurate translation without the need to research the industry.

International Synergies
  • Development of a translation ‘Glossary of Terms’ to ensure consistency in complex terminology
  • Translation Memory captured repetition and word combinations to ensure these word strings were only translated once thus reducing costs
  • Efficient, accurate translation of legal documents and training material maintaining presentation styles and tone of the content.

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