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Delivering services around the world, you need a partner who knows and understands your business needs to be able to make the most of an international market. We have helped hundreds of businesses break through the barrier and promote and sell their services in multiple foreign markets.

A Partner for Your International Strategy

So you can concentrate on what is important to your business, you need a partner which can bring in the international market knowledge while understanding your business needs.

At Word360 we have helped a wide range of different businesses break out into the international business sector. Speak to us today on how we can help you to do that.

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Why Choose Word360 for Your International Business Needs

With such a wide range of different business and professional services in the everyday modern company there can be many different needs for a business. Here are some of the ways we can help you expand into the international marketplace.


  • Specialised Translators

    Our translators are specially selected and come from a business background. This allows them to understand your business much more quickly and go further with their translations by understanding the terminology not just the words.

  • Translation Memory

    Using our translation memory software we can save both time and money by building a glossary of previously translated terms. A translator is then only needed to check and tweak the software’s output rather than translating each word again from scratch.

  • Unique Langauge Management Platform

    With our bespoke lanauage management service platform you can request, schedule and book a translator or interpreter 24/7 for your next project. Everything from special request, time sheet tracking and invoicing is all in one place to make each translation or interpreting project as easy as possible.

  • Confidentially First

    Everything about your project is important to us and confidentially is at the heart of it all. All of our linguists are required to be DBS checked and sign an NDA before they are working with us. If you need extra protection we are happy to accommodate requests.