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Education Language Services

  • Use our Professional Interpreting Services


    Need someone interpret for parents evenings or open days? From walking tours to hosting delegate visits, our experienced interpreters will deliver professional impact in over 250 languages.

  • Optimise your website for international search engines


    Create a focussed and targeted approach to attracting the right international students and business with our International SEO services.

  • Website Translation and Localisation


    Articulate your USP to your international market and gain an advantage over your competition.  Engage with your visitors on a global level and make sure your website engages students and their families in their native language.

  • Translate & Localise your international marketing


    Get your marketing collateral translated and localised by considering cultural context and relevance.

  • Gain Cultural Awareness with our bespoke classes


    Our cultural awareness training are created to your requirements and prepares your staff for international visits by understanding local customs and cultural differences.

  • E-Learning Translation and Localisation


    Want to bring your online learning platforms to other students around the world? Word360 can help you prepare your e-Learning software for an international market.

Attract International Students

It is a misnomer that a website should remain in English for an international student as they are expected to read and speak English fluently to be able to study in the UK.

More often than not it is the student’s family that assist in choosing the right international school and most do not read or speak English.

With ever increasing global competition to attract high quality international students, it is essential that the features and benefits of your educational organisation are expressed in your marketing communications.
With over 10 years’ experience working with the education sector, we understand the key information that is requested, searched and reviewed in a student’s decision making process. Talk to us about how we can help internationalise your marketing to attract the right international student.

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How Word360 Can Help Your Education Business

  • Attract International Students

    At WORD360 we have experience in supporting colleges and universities communicate and market themselves to foreign students. Our support will help you discover the right international markets to target and what marketing materials you will need to penetrate them.

  • Clear pricing and cost effective solutions

    Cost effective language solutions are of paramount importance for educational institutions.  Our project managers will work with you to offer the most affordable and competitive rates for the range of services you are looking for.

  • Build your Global Brand

    Translation and Localisation is just part of the marketing strategy you are looking to implement for setting foot into the global market. Our team will help support your campaign on how you can get the most out of your communications internally to help raise awareness of your brand.

  • Promote British Education Values

    With the British education system being one of the most highly regarded in the world, our expert Education language team will help you promote traditional British educational values that each different international market looks for.

Tier 4 compliance

The new Tier 4 license means stricter regulations to sponsor international students. It is important that students understand their responsibilities to maintain their legal status to study abroad. Talk to us about how we can offer our translation services to benefit your students.
Other colleges and universities have requested:

  • Multilingual information booklets and leaflets to ensure student compliance to Tier 4 rules
  • Certified translation services to validate student qualifications
  • Translation of legal documentation
  • Multilingual marketing and websites
Dudley College
  • Telephone interpreting sessions offered with an experienced interpreter
  • Cultural Awareness classes for staff going to Saudi Arabia
  • Fast efficient translation of documents and presentations maintaining presentation styles and tone of the content

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