Technical and Engineering Sector Translation

Engineering and manufacturing has expanded developed into different counties and technical experts need their manuals and documents translated for their target audience.

WORD360 can help your business grow on a global level and bring your technical services to any country and language you are looking to penetrate.

  • Use our Professional Interpreting Services


    For overseas negotiations, hosting international conferences or training overseas technical support engineers, our experienced interpreters ensure clarity in communication.

  • Our Sight translation services will aid your meetings


    Having a linguist attend crucial meetings to translate confidential documentation on site and relay the information to the team can save valuable time and aid discussions.

  • Specialist technical document translation


    Our professional translation services are delivered using experienced technical translators that understand this industry.  Learn more about our technical translation service.

  • Translate & Localise your international marketing


    Get your marketing collateral translated and localised by considering cultural context and relevance.

  • Gain Cultural Awareness with our bespoke classes


    Our cultural awareness training are created to your requirements and prepares your staff for international visits by understanding local customs and cultural differences.

  • We keep your information secure


    Working with blue chip companies and governments, we take data protection very seriously.   Our information security and data protection policies and processes meet industry standards and comply with regulatory requirements.

Secure and Confidential

Protecting your IP is important and we have a number of different processes in place to secure your property during any translation and interpretation.

All of our linguists sign an NDA before they starting working with us but if you need anything extra we are more then happy to accommodate. On top of this all of the data we work with internally never leaves our own server and is protect by an industry grade firewall.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Quality Assurance

    ISO:9001 Quality Assurance certified company

  • Security

    Secure email transfer and data repositories and NDA arrangements

  • Specialised

    Industry specific translators working into their mother tongue

  • Reliability

    We will work to your timeframes and deadlines

  • Translation tools

    Technology to reduce your translation costs

Our Technical Translators

We don’t pick translators for their language skills.

We pick translators for their industry knowledge.

All our translators are native speakers and only work into their mother tongue which ensures contextual references are maintained relative to the country or region that they are translating into.

However, the most crucial consideration here is experience and industry knowledge. Most engineering and technical sectors have their ‘own language and terminology’; references that only another engineers would understand.  This understanding is pivotal is mastering the perfect translation.

  • Sight translation service to solve the requirement for onsite review of confidential documentation
  • Short notice allocation of a technical translator to deliver a translation and interpreting service within a highly technical environment.
  • Secure and confidential service provided to comply with the data security requirement of the client

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