Video Game Sector Translation

After you have made great games, extend your reach and let the world play. WORD360 will help make the translation and localisation of your game a hassle free and easy process.

Video Game Industry Knowledge

WORD360 staff have knowledge and experience of the video games industry, some of our staff come from a video games design background and understand the processes of creating a great game.

With knowledge of the the games sector and the translation industry, you can feel safe in the fact that we know what is required to translate and localise a video game for different international markets.  Our professional team will be working around the clock to get your project completed on time and within budget.

Some of the things we can translate

  • cog

    Games engines

  • programming

    Game development kits

  • school

    Hardware & peripheral guides

  • gamepad

    Console and game UI

QA Testing

Just as you would QA test  your title before it goes out in your own market, we will help you test the translated and localised version of your video game.

Our team of translators will play through your game in each language and pick up on any words, phases or parts of the game which don’t make sense. As our translators go through each part they will also be able to log any bugs or glitches which can also be forwarded onto your development teams. This way you get a cost effective service giving an extra set of eyes on your entire game.

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Did you know?

The most popular mistranslation in gaming started a meme

The popular funny quote “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” from StarFox, should of been translated from “with the help of the Federation Government forces, we have taken all of your bases.” Due to poor translation and localisation the real meaning got lost and started one of the biggest memes across the internet.

Video Game Localisation when you need it

Video games are no longer burned to a disk, shipped and then left to their own devices. With the advent of the internet and lastest generation of consoles it means new content is always been added to titles even after launch. When gaming companies release new updates, WORD360 can help streamline and manage the on-going translation and localisation.

Our translation memory software will also play a part in speeding up the process, while also reducing cost. If a word in a game has already been translated then it will be stored and won’t require re-translation, just grammar and localisation.