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PACE Interview Services

Our expert team meticulously transcribe police interviews, earning the trust of legal firms and local authorities. We accept various formats like video or audio. Our experience includes police interview, pre-interview disclosure, bodycam footage, and emergency services calls transcription. Whether you prefer a verbatim or intelligent verbatim transcript, we tailor our services to your exact needs, capturing every detail. 

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Court Transcription Services

We transcribe court hearings, inquests, arbitrations, and tribunals for diverse clientele. Delivering a multilingual, precise, and confidential service, we maintain competitive pricing and long term partnerships. Our services cover various aspects including witness evidence, legal arguments, judgment, discussions after judgment, and comprehensive transcripts of entire hearings. 

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Academic Research, Focus Groups & 1:1 Interviews

Enhance your research with our accurate transcription services. We expertly transcribe various formats, including qualitative discussions, telephone interviews, and web chats. Our specialists navigate multiple speakers with ease, delivering clear transcripts. With a focus on quality assurance, our process ensures precision throughout.

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Meeting Transcription Services

Document your professional meetings through transcription. Whether it's back-to-back meetings, conferences, or interviews, we ensure accurate records for easy distribution and action. With a global clientele, we excel in transcribing diverse voices, even in overlapping conversations. From round table discussions to online meetings, our services cover various formats. 


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With our advanced transcription technology and skilled team, we ensure precise capture and trustworthy transcripts.

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Customer Support

Need assistance or have questions? Our dedicated customer support team is available to address your queries promptly. 

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Flexible to your needs
Tailored to your specific requirements, Word360 offers a transcription solution that adapts to your needs seamlessly.
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Your data is important to us, upload files securely and confidentially via our online portal and website.

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Fast Turnaround
We pride ourselves on rapid turnaround times without compromising on quality. 
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No hidden fees. Word360 provides a transparent quotation service. 

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