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Human Translation

Our expert linguists with their language knowledge, specialist technical knowledge and cultural understanding can bring your messages to life in every language. Ensuring that your communication is localised to reflect cultural differences, technical language and the tone you want to create with your communication.


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Machine Translation 

Our cutting-edge machine translation technology uses sector specific AI to provide consistent, reliable translations that deliver cost efficient results with speed.
We take time to understand your needs and will advise you on the best type of translation service to meet your requirements and budget.



Transcreation - translate your idea, not just your words

With our transcreation service we work with you from the start of your project to make sure that the intent, tone and style of your message is translated not just the words.  Make sure your message and brand are perfectly positioned for your audience and market.


all-in-one  platform

Does your organisation need to offer equitable user access whilst collating usage data?

Our Wordskii Management service will help you to manage all your interpreting services from a single platform 


Proofreading and Post-editing

We offer independent review of the translated copy to ensure everything is grammatically and technically correct


Project Management

We can provide project management for larger complex projects that are being translated into multiple languages


Design and Typesetting

We can ensure your translated content fits perfectly with your document design in every language




"Both the level of quality of services and customer service provided has been outstanding. Word 360’s on-demand services are phenomenal."

Northampton Healthcare NHS Trust


Document translation services



Document certification services



Content translation and localisation

Audio Visual

Multimedia translation services


global audience

Translation that's tailor-fit to the industry you need


Our team get language and culture so our translations sound just right


Our interpreters are experienced and understand technical language in detail


Over 350 languages and dialects catered for - and we are not stopping there


We translate fast - but accuracy is still number one


A joined-up multiple award winning service





We are trusted by the NHS, Government and FTSE 100 companies to handle their data.  Our security protocols ensure your data is always safe with us. 

  • NDA as standard

  • AWS security and storage

  • 298 SSL encryption 

  • Single Sign on

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See how our translation skills help the cosmetics industry to grow

Founded in downtown New York City, Milk Makeup specialises in “good ingredients + epic payoff”. At their creative studio, they design and develop their range of cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan cosmetics.

"We have been very happy with your service! Quick turnaround, detailed and clear explanations when requested. We appreciate your help!"

Milk Makeup

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Frequently asked questions

How much does a translation cost?

Prices vary based on the length, sector, difficulty, and format of the text you need to translate. Our prices start from around £0.06 per source word ($0.08).  As every project is different, we will build a quote that is designed for your needs ensuring you pay for the quality, speed and accuracy you need for your translation.

Do I need to submit a document in order to receive a translation quote?

Yes. Once you submit your document, we will work quickly to review the length and complexity of the content and provide you with an accurate quote and lead time.

How can I get a quote for a translation?

We understand that it can be confusing when trying to get a quote for a translation with all the different options and choices available.  So we have broken down your options so that you can decide which buying solution is right for you. You can choose from:

  • Off the Shelf: We have created bespoke packages designed with all the services you need for a perfect translation at a reasonable price

  • Get a Quote: Know what you need? Simply upload your files or number of words and our system will provide you with an accurate quote within seconds.  You can further customise your requirements such as expedited delivery or additional design work.

What is the difference between interpretation and translation?

The fundamental difference between interpreting and translation is that interpreting relates to the spoken word delivered either in person (face-to-face), over the phone or through a video conference.  By contrast, translation relates to written content such as documents other hard copy information.

Is there a minimum order size?

There is no minimum order size. However, if you order a translation of fewer than 100 words, we will apply a minimum £20 fee to cover our production and administration costs. This means, translating 1 to 99 words will cost you the same as if you were having 100 words translated.

What is the difference between translation and transcreation?

Translation is the process of converting text from one language to another, while preserving its meaning.

Transcreation, on the other hand, is a more creative process that adapts the content to the culture, tone, and style of the target audience, rather than just preserving the meaning. It aims to create an equivalent impact in the target language.