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Pre-book your session through the Wordskii platform


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Or access on-demand video interpreting through Wordskii Live

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When is video interpreting useful?

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digital efficiency
Efficiencies through technology
Drive time and cost efficiencies with no minimum periods of use
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Flexible to your needs
Pre-booked and instant access options
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Use any device

Tablets, PCs or laptops can all be used to connect to Wordskii Live

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Compliance and quality

Secure login and 2FA options on all devices, with secure end-to-end encryption

Never miss another appointment

Gain access to 350 languages, 24 hours a day. Guaranteed

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Better user outcomes

Visual cues of video interpreting improve quality of conversations

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Sometimes you need more than words

Wordskii Live video interpreting is designed to offer access to over 350 languages on-demand and at the point of need

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cost effective

Cost effective

Pay for what you use. No minimum fees.


Short notice situations

Ideal for when booking a face to face interpreting will take time


Access for remote areas

Can provide language support where face to face interpreters are difficult to find

good experience

Improve patient experience

Ensure patients aren’t going for hours without contact for routines that don’t require an hour face-to-face booking, such as ward checks, meals and bathroom visits. 


At the click of a button your staff can ask a quick question, provide instructions or simply check in on the patient's wellbeing.


Read our blog on why so many departments are making the switch to video here

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Choose your video interpreting platform


Supply key information about your interpreting session requirements


Our AI algorithm talent-matches to an interpreter


Confirmation of booking


Service delivered
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Could your team benefit from having Wordskii Live by their side?

Now you can have access to our Wordskii Live solution through Wordski-on-Wheels (WoW) that allows you to access video interpreting, on-demand, at the point of care.

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“Having Wordskii Live by patient bedsides in wards means we can access an interpreter when the consultant arrives, instead of booking one for the hour! It’s a game changer for our wards and staff.”

Bradley Cox - Patient Advise and Liaison Services (PALS), Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust


Learn how we helped Women’s Aid through video interpreting

In response to Women’s Aid’s need for security and sensitivity, we composed a bespoke language service to support them. 

We devised an anonymised booking system for Women’s Aid, allowing them to access our linguists without revealing any information about the identities or whereabouts of the people they help. 

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Frequently asked questions

Do we need to pre-book video interpreting calls or is the service available on-demand?

With Wordskii Live, you can pre-book or connect to an interpreter on-demand. We are able to help you access an interpreter both in advance of a meeting or in last-minute circumstances where you need to connect with an interpreter immediately.

How many participants can join a video interpreting call?

Whilst our Wordskii Live video interpreting platform can support up to 50 participants, we ask that users keep the number of participants to retain the maximum bandwidth and video quality for the interpreter.

How can I add another participant onto the video interpretation call?

There are a number of ways that you can add another participant onto a video interpreting call. You will receive an SMS message and/or email notification (whichever you prefer) with all the relevant information and a link to join the video conference. You can share this with up to nine other parties in the call. All telephone calls are secure and confidential.

How much does video interpretation cost?

Like most services, the more you use it the cheaper it becomes.  However, to offer the best deal to our customers, our video interpreting costs are based per minute and you pay as you go or you can buy one off bundles for maximum convenience.

What if my call goes on for longer than expected?

For the single use services, once you have used up all of your pre-paid minutes, you will need to top-up your credits to continue your session. If you are a contracted customer with monthly billing and you have pre-booked an interpreter for a set time, you can continue your call and the additional time will be charged to your account.  

For pre-booked sessions, please note, that the interpreter may not be able to stay on the video interpreting session after the pre-booked time has elapsed so please ensure that you initially book for the correct time.