This week is Children’s Mental Health Week, which is run by the Place2Be charity to raise awareness of the growing challenges that young people face and how these may adversely affect their wellbeing.

The week isn’t just about awareness, Place2Be are raising money so that they can offer mental health support in schools and youth centres, as well as offering training and qualifications for adults who work with children and want the ability to offer guidance and quickly spot any problems.

We would really recommend looking into this training, but to get you started here are some tips from the NHS.


Be There to Listen

Regularly ask how they're doing so they get used to talking about their feelings and know there's always someone ready to listen if they want it. Find a safe space where they feel comfortable opening up about mental health.


Stay Involved in Their Lives

Show interest in their lives and the things that are important to them. This not only helps them value who they are but also makes it easier for you to spot problems and support them.


Take What They Say Seriously

Listening to and valuing what they say, without judging their feelings, in turn makes them feel valued. Consider how to help them process and work through their emotions in a more constructive way.


Support Them Through Difficulties

Pay attention to their emotions and behaviour and try to help them work through difficulties. It's not always easy when faced with challenging behaviour but try to help them understand what they're feeling and why.


Encourage Their Interests

Being active or creative, learning new things and being part of a team help connect us with others and are important ways we can all help our mental health. Support and encourage them to explore their interests, whatever they are.


Build Positive Routines

We know it still may not be easy, but try to reintroduce structure around regular routines, healthy eating and exercise. A good night's sleep is also really important – try to get them back into routines that fit with school or college.


To find out more about Children’s Mental Health Day and other ways you can support young people, follow this LINK

To see how we support mental health charities, go HERE

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