ARUP Case Study

Who is ARUP?


ARUP was founded in 1946 by Sir Ove Arup, whose work is still heralded as an inspiration to the design and engineering world. Under Sir Ove’s direction and beyond, ARUP is the name behind an unprecedented portfolio of projects.

Their work includes the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Sydney Opera House, the Angel of the North, and King’s Cross Station. ARUP is now working on Gaudi’s iconic church in Barcelona, helping to complete a series of towers on the centuries-long project by 2026.


The challenge

ARUP initially came to us with a sizable and multi-faceted challenge: 

  • Translate three 30,000 word legal documents in a week
  • Manage the process in a timely and cost-efficient manner 
  • Provide sector-specific and legal language expertise 

Given that a professional, experienced translator can translate roughly 2,000 words each day, this was set to be a sizable task, and one that without an innovative approach could easily have overrun the deadline and cost the client heavily. 

Benefits at a glance

TRAV Benefits Icons-27

Intelligent, needs-based and bespoke solution

COS Benefits Icons-20

Achieved savings for the client of £157,000

GOV Benefits Icons-16

On-site interpreter

GOV Benefits Icons-10

Access to linguists with sector-specific and legal expertise

Benefits Icons55-55

Project completed on time


How Word360 helped


We quickly realised the scale of the task presented by ARUP and the potential for problematic outcomes. With this in mind, we began by conducting an needs evaluation for the client, to understand the details of the project more thoroughly.

This evaluation then informed our solution, which was centred around the intelligent usage of linguists with specialised skill sets. We realised that ARUP did not in fact need to translate their three documents in their entirety, rather just specific parts. We then proposed this alternative solution to the client, who was delighted.

In order to understand which part needed translating and to then translate them, an Estonian linguist with legal and engineering knowledge would be required.

We drew on our extensive roster of linguists and found the perfect candidate. This linguist then spent a week on-site with ARUP in London translating specific sections of the document in real-time.


The results


The Results


Not only did our proposed, needs-based solution mean that ARUP was able to proceed on time using their translated documents, we achieved significant cost efficiencies that we passed on to the client. 

Through our solution, ARUP was able to save £157,000 against their original request for our support. 

All the information the client needed was translated as and when they needed it, on-site and with the additional benefit of sector-specific and legal expertise. 



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