Charlotte Tilbury Case Study


Who is Charlotte Tilbury?


In 2013, British celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury founded her own beauty and makeup brand. Her now award-winning products have been sold in luxury department stores such as Selfridges, Harrods, and Harvey Nichols. 

The Charlotte Tilbury brand boasts global standalone stores in London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, just to name a few. It maintains an online presence in over 70 countries around the world, and also helps to develop new professional makeup artists. 


The challenge

As a growing global brand, Charlotte Tilbury often has a high number of concurrent and time sensitive projects in an industry with very high levels of regulation. This means they needed:

  • Translations produced accurately, at speed, and  in multiple languages at once
  • Awareness of packaging size constraints
  • Localisation of their iconic and distinct tone-of-voice with specific colloquialisations and product names
  • Awareness of the strict cosmetics regulatory environments around the world

Benefits at a glance

COS Benefits Icons-17

Turnkey solution

E LEARN Benefits Icons-32

High quality translations

COS Benefits Icons-20

Cost efficiency maintained even with rarer languages

COS Benefits Icons-time-47-1

Rapid turnaround

TRAV Benefits Icons-23

Brand and tone-of-voice effectively transcreated, including brand-specific words and phrases

COS Benefits Icons-19

Industry and regulatory awareness

E LEARN Benefits Icons-31

Use of INCI ingredient names where possible for efficiency

HEALTH Benefits Icons-45

Translations into as many as 14 languages simultaneously

NHS Icons-05

Saved 19.6% on costs through the use of our Translation Memory technology


How Word360 helped


At Word360, we’ve been working with clients in a number of highly specialised industries for some time. We have developed extensive experience in the cosmetics industry in particular. 

As a result, we were able to help Charlotte Tilbury enter new markets effectively, simultaneously translating content into as many as 14 languages at a time. We have translated and localised materials including marketing collateral, DFUs and cautions, and ingredient lists with consideration for INCI ingredients for efficiency. 

A key aspect of Charlotte Tilbury’s branding is the use of distinct, friendly language such as “darlings”, and products names that include words like “peachy” or “rosy”. These words and phrases are often hard to effectively localise for other languages and cultures, either because of a lack of equivalency or because they may have other meanings. 

However, our experience within the cosmetics sector and our teams of expert linguists enabled us to localise the Charlotte Tilbury brand and its distinctive tone-of-voice for all its target markets. 

As a result, we have been able to meet all of Charlotte Tilbury’s translation needs regardless of deadline, packaging or language.


The results


The Results


For the past 5 years, Charlotte Tilbury has used Word360’s translation services, and has benefited from a streamlined, turnkey service. 

Working with a wide range of individuals from Chinese-based regulatory consultants to product development teams in the UK, our services have allowed for the seamless conversion of marketing and regulatory materials with rapid turnaround. 

Arguably the main benefit for Charlotte Tilbury on this occasion was the ability of our services to increase its speed to market, without compromising on the quality of translations. 

Our blend of translation memory software and expert human translators has meant that cost efficiencies have been maintained throughout the 5 years, even for more challenging languages such as Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.


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