DPD Case Study


Who is DPD?


Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD) was formed in 1999, and operates on a truly global scale, active on almost every continent. It delivers some 5.2 million parcels everyday via a workforce of 48,000 people. 

Now, it is Europe’s second largest parcel delivery network, making huge leaps towards sustainability and investing heavily in green development as well as working on reducing plastic waste in their supply chain.


The challenge

DPD approached us with a few primary needs:

  • To launch a new localised website and delivery tracking portal for the Estonian market
  • Localise web content to a series of complex Scandinavian languages including Norweigan and Finnish
  • DPD wanted to preserve the tags and codes within the source file to ensure that the translated content could be easily transposed 
  • To adhere to a strict budget for the project

DPD required a technically astute team of localisation experts who were not only experienced in the languages in question but also in manipulating content to produce the best end result.

A key challenge to overcome would be the length and presentation of different languages, especially in the case of languages that read right to left, as opposed to left to right. 

As well as this, content to be translated would be provided in a hugely varied range of formats, from Word documents to .xml files exported directly from their English language site. This presented an additional challenge as tags and codes would need to be preserved across translated documents, as well as assuring that content broken by code were error free and accurately translated. 


Benefits at a glance

E LEARN Benefits Icons-31

Translated content into 14 new languages including complex Scandinavian dialects

TRAV Benefits Icons-24

Effective localisation of delivery and tracking portal into 14 foreign markets

GOV Benefits Icons-12

New Estonian website launched

COS Benefits Icons-time-47-1

All work completed to set deadlines

TRAV Benefits Icons-23

Creation of translation style sheets for efficiency and brand retention

COS Benefits Icons-22

Separate translation teams established and managed for speed and to apply specialised translation skills

COS Benefits Icons-20

16% volume increase in B2C sales

TRAV Benefits Icons-27

DPD has reported a growth of 14% in cross-border flows in Europe


How Word360 helped


Our team always starts with the end in mind. DPD had a deadline to launch simultaneously in foreign markets, with a variety of file formats to be translated, a strict budget, and a number of complex Nordic languages involved.

To fulfil this requirement, we worked collaboratively with DPD web developers to finalise a stylesheet which included any rules around coding, capitalisation, terminologies, and file format of the deliverables. 

The next stage was to arrange a weekly meeting to keep the team updated and discuss any queries. 

We allocated a localisation team that had the technological skill as well as sector knowledge to complete the project. We created a separate team of reviewers to test the site and app, ensuring that the translation length was suited to the UI and the translations were accurate and contextually correct.


The results


The Results


In the wake of the project, DPD’s new content, including their new website and delivery tracking portal, has launched successfully across 14 new countries. 

By splitting content localisation across different specialist translation teams with effective project management, and utilising advanced computer aided translation (CAT) tools, all content was produced on time and to an exceptional standard. 

DPD has had positive feedback on the new content from their in-country agents, demonstrating effective and thorough localisation. 


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