Evans Vanodine Case Study


Who is Evans Vanodine?


Since 1919, Evans Vanodine has been developing and manufacturing some of the world’s leading cleaning and hygiene products. Founded in Manchester more than 100 years ago by William Charles Evans, it remains a family business. 

In almost every major health crisis since its founding, Evans Vanodine has played a significant role in supplying products that have kept the public safe. In 1969, they were responsible for keeping the public safe when moon dust from NASA’s lunar landing went on display in Manchester. 


The challenge

As a world leader in cleaning and hygiene products, Evans Vanodine needed to be able to sell their products internationally.

Working within the confines of such a tightly regulated industry, the client was facing a number of challenges which we would need to help them overcome: 

  • Translation of highly technical labelling information
  • Ensuring claims made on product labels remain accurate in translation
  • Translation of legally controlled safety warnings for the protection of consumer health
  • Considering spatial restrictions throughout translation into longer-form languages
  • The need to fit multiple translations into one label while retaining informational accuracy and thoroughness 

Benefits at a glance

COS Benefits Icons-19

Retained regulatory compliance in a strictly governed industry

Benefits Icons--52

Streamlined route to new markets with the supply of print-ready labelling

E LEARN Benefits Icons-32

Comprehensive artwork review service

NHS Icons-02

Translations of technical information with high degrees of accuracy

COS Benefits Icons-20

Utilised sector-expert linguists and translation memory technology for complete consistency as well as time and cost efficiencies


How Word360 helped


Using our expertise, we embarked on a complete solution for Evans Vanodine. We deployed our teams of sector-expert linguists with access to advanced translation memory technology to produce accurate translations of the client’s technical labelling information. 

We coupled this with our artwork review service to ensure that the translated labelling information remained within the legislative and artistic confines of the intended design. 

With translations complete, and artwork localised, we were then able to produce print-ready designs for the client, delivering a turnkey solution with maximum time and cost efficiencies. 


The results


The Results


Thanks to our blend of sector-expert linguists and advanced translation memory technology, we were able to accurately translate all necessary information with outstanding degrees of accuracy, consistency, and time efficiency. 

The spacial parameters of Evans Vandodine’s labelling was preserved, with our comprehensive artwork review process, ensuring that content remained within the parameters of the design even when translated into longer form languages. 

Additionally, we were able to retain complete regulatory compliance for the client even in a strictly regulated industry. 

As a result of our work with Evans Vanodine, they were supplied with a complete, print-ready label for their products, enabling them to drastically simplify their route to market overseas. 


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