Who is Flash Academy?

Based in Birmingham, Flash Academy is an e-learning provider helping non-English speakers acquire English as a second language. They use interactive web-based learning tools to make language learning easy and engaging. 

Flash Academy works across age ranges, from adults to children, and is used by a number of schools to engage children in improving their English literacy levels.


The challenge

Flash Academy wanted primarily to broaden the number of languages that they were able to offer their services to. In order to achieve this they needed: 

  • 100% accuracy in translation of e-learning content consisting of string translations
  • Localisation of specific terms and phrases which don’t necessarily have equivalencies outside of English
  • All work to be completed within very tight deadlines
  • Adherence to in-house style guides to ensure consistency in the terminology and tone across the translated content 

Arguably the key challenges involved in our work with Flash Academy were the need for very high levels of technical accuracy in a short space of time.


Flash Academy content now available in 45 home languages


Material translated with 100% accuracy


Localisation adaptations made to content to protect client UI and preserve intended meaning


Content translated within client time constraints


Adherence to existing style guides


How Word360 helped

We deployed dedicated teams of linguists, well versed in e-learning and app translations, to translate the large volumes of content that Flash Academy needed. This was done in accordance with the style guides provided to us, to ensure brand consistency. 

In some cases, this required some intelligent adaptations of translations, as words and phrases shrank and expanded across languages and disrupted the established UI of Flash Academy’s app. 

Additionally, our linguists worked to localise phrases for which there are no equivalencies in other languages. For example, there is no Arabic word for ‘terraced house’, so our linguists had to find flexible, localised solutions to these translation challenges. 

We balanced adherence to Flash Academy’s style guide with the use of translation memory technology, to manage rapid translations with very high degrees of accuracy.



The Results

In the wake of our cooperation with Flash Academy, they have been able to offer their English learning content in as many as 45 different home languages. Users can now access materials in their own language, enabling a much broader audience to benefit from Flash Academy. 

Technically presented materials were translated and localised with adherence to in-house style guides thanks to the capabilities of our advanced linguists. Where necessary, intelligent adjustments were also made to content in order to preserve Flash Academy’s UI and to ensure the localisation of non-equivalent terms. 

Furthermore, thanks to our blend of specialist teams of linguists and advanced translation memory technology, all work was complete within the required deadlines.

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