Who is Hurraw!? 

In 2010, Hurraw! launched its colourful line of premium, all natural, vegan lip balms. Based in New York, they focus on products that are high quality and cruelty free. 

Hurraw! produces more than 20 flavours at their own production facility, where all balms are hand-poured and certified by the Vegan Society. 



After domestic success, Hurraw! was looking to international markets to allow them to continue to expand. They approached Word360 with the need to translate a full suite of materials, including directions for use, POS collateral, labelling and other marketing and advertising content. 

Operating in a highly regulated industry, they needed a partner who was able to:

  • Accurately and efficiently translate a wide variety of content 
  • Retain a consistent brand and tone-of-voice across multiple languages
  • Ensure all translations met regulatory and legislative standards

Additionally, as is fundamental to most packaging design, all text would need to fit within the confines of the design. This is a greater challenge when working across different languages where words can expand or contract. For example, German words can be over 30% longer than English equivalents.


Translated into 15 languages across 20 countries


Full regulatory compliance in packaging and labelling e.g the UK Cosmetics Regulations


Accommodated for all spatial requirements


Complete design services and print-ready packaging


On-demand translation with same-day turnaround


Dedicated, sector-specialist project manager and linguists

BSL (4)

Branding and tone-of-voice transcreated and localised across 20 countries

How Word360 helped

Thanks to over 10 years’ experience supporting the cosmetics industry, Word360 has developed a dedicated, sector-specialist team experienced in managing and supporting our cosmetics clients, globally. 

We began our solution with an initial discovery session, where we created a style guide; setting the standards and guidelines for translation projects to come. This allowed us to build a team with the relevant experience for the subject matter, as well as the technical proficiency and availability to meet Hurraw!’s deadlines. 

Hurraw! was assigned a dedicated PRINCE-2 qualified project manager to their account, acting as a familiar and reliable point of contact who was experienced in managing multiple workflows, short delivery deadlines and in maintaining the highest quality of work.

Hurraw!’s dedicated Word360 project manager ensured all translations were fully localised to the given markets that Hurraw! wanted to target. By working with specialist professional linguists, we helped them not only reach these markets but also achieve sales success at every turn.

For a project of this size, adopting an array of translation tools to support our linguists was crucial in order to maintain consistency across projects, while meeting tight deadlines and driving cost efficiencies over time. These translation tools included CAT tools, term bases, and translation memories. More recently, Wordskii NMT, our neural machine learning API has enabled us to offer improved language support to Hurraw! over time.

Throughout all translations, we’ve maintained Hurraw!’s tone-of-voice, met all necessary regulatory standards, respected spatial requirements and all within the necessary time frames and to the required quality. 


The results

Hurraw! now exports to more than 20 countries, with a consistent brand, culturally-attuned tone-of-voice and complete regulatory compliance. They have been able to expand their operations at speed and with outstanding success.

In Word360, they have a reliable language partner to whom they can turn with translations projects of any size and expect a consistent quality and speed of service. 

Furthermore, with dedicated sector specialist teams, we have been able to offer expert advice and support to allow Hurraw! to enter new markets with confidence. 

We have aided them in meeting all necessary regulatory concerns in an array of varied markets as well as effectively transcreating their stand-out branding for each given market. 

Download the full case study

Learn how we have been able to offer expert advice and support to allow Hurraw! to enter new markets with confidence.