Insignia Case Study


Who is Insignia?

Founded in 2008, Insignia is a Birmingham-based crisis management firm helping international clients prepare their businesses for the worst. 

Through Insignia’s expertise, businesses can implement emergency plans for anything from carrying a business through a pandemic to how to handle the media in a crisis. They offer complete crisis training based on realistic scenarios for different sectors.


The challenge

In the course of their international work, Insignia needed to adjust to delivering training remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to do this, they faced a number of specific challenges: 

  • Demonstrate their remote, multilingual capabilities in order to win major contracts
  • Deliver specialist services remotely to a range of international clients
  • Achieve translation in a variety of formats within short time frames
  • Translate more than 100 fictional social media posts into Swedish and Portugese 
  • Produce corporate marketing videos

The main challenge in our work with Insignia was the variety of information involved coupled with the time constraints and the need for a remote delivery.


Benefits at a glance

E LEARN Benefits Icons-31

2-3,000 words translated in the course of webinar training

GOV Benefits Icons-16

5 days of webinar audio successfully interpreted

COS Benefits Icons-22

In-country team of linguists established to deliver localised, time-appropriate services

E LEARN Benefits Icons-32

Corporate video successfully localised

COS Benefits Icons-20

Helped the client win and then deliver on a major international project

NHS Icons-05

100 social media posts translated into distinct languages simultaneously

COS Benefits Icons-time-47-2

All work achieved within client budgetary and time constraints


How Word360 helped


Insignia needed our assistance with the entire process of project delivery, from the initial proposal for their client to final delivery of the service. In the first stages of our work with the client, they needed to localise a corporate video as part of their bid to win a major opportunity. 

This was achieved with the use of our video transcription, subtitling and voiceover services. 

Once Insignia had won the desired work with the help of our tailored collateral, we then worked with the client to translat more than 100 fictional social media posts as part of a crisis training situation. The posts were translated in Swedish and Portuguese simultaneously with the help of our expert linguists. 

Arguably the largest component of our work with Insignia was the delivery of a webinar to more than 30 miners in Brazil. This required sector-specialist linguists to be involved in the webinar, both to interpret audio conversations and to translate Q&As in real-time. 

For this project, we established a dedicated team of linguists in Brazil, to ensure all involved were native Brazilian Portuguese speakers as well as aligning the working time zones of our linguists with Insignia’s client. 


The results


The Results


Not only did we help the client bid for and ultimately win a major international contract, we subsequently helped them provide the promised deliverables. 

We successfully localised a corporate video with our in-house services, and translated more than 100 social media posts into 2 very distinct languages simultaneously. 

Finally, we provided a team of sector-specialist, in-country linguists for the delivery of a significant health and safety training course for miners in Brazil. 

The webinar training was delivered over a period of 5 days, with 2-3,000 words translated and hours of video sessions interpreted.


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