Who is Milk Makeup?

Founded in downtown New York City, Milk Makeup specialises in “good ingredients + epic payoff”. At their creative studio, they design and develop their range of cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan cosmetics. 

The brainchild of cofounder Mazdack Rassi, product developer and COO Dianna Ruth, and seasoned Milk Girl and creative director Georgie Greville, Milk Makeup believes that personal style and experimentation are the ultimate forms of expression.


The challenge

As a domestically successful and growing makeup brand, Milk Makeup wanted to expand its presence to global markets. In order to achieve this, they needed a number of assurances before proceeding with a cosmetics translation service: 

  • The ability to maintain brand identity across markets through translation and localisation
  • Translation of technical information such as product labels, warnings, and DFUs
  • The resources to enter multiple markets at once 
  • A translation and localisation strategy based on what Milk Makeup wanted to achieve 

In essence, Milk Makeup required a translation partner capable of consulting with them about their ambitions, and then actioning a plan that enabled them to achieve the growth they wanted while preserving brand identity and regulatory compliance. 


Translation, localisation, and audio-visual services all in one place


Content translated across 13 languages simultaneously


Solution tailored to the client’s ambitions through a consultative approach


Created bespoke language tools for added long-term value


Used CAT tools for time and cost efficiencies


Regulatory compliance ensured across 13 new markets


Brand identity and tone-of-voice preserved and localised throughout


How Word360 helped

We began our solution by consulting with Milk Makeup on exactly what they wanted to achieve, so that we could agree on the best process to support them in reaching their audience and fulfilling any goals. 

Moving forward, Milk Makeup’s dedicated Word360 project manager held weekly meetings with key stakeholders at the company. 

We created style guides to ensure consistency of translation across all projects, and made use of advanced Translation Memory tools to translate everything from marketing materials to product labels.

Additionally, Milk Makeup was able to make use of Word360’s audio visual team to conduct subtitling and visual syncing for video content. 

Our approach to our projects with Milk Makeup was an opportunity for us to demonstrate our ability to work collaboratively from start to finish. We adapt our processes to our client’s needs and preferences, and in this case, we used a leading project management tool of the client’s choosing.

This allowed the client visibility over the entire process as well as the ability to make amends and suggestions whenever they felt necessary. 



The Results

By using our expert translation and localisation services as well as our audio-visual capabilities, Milk Makeup has been able to enter 13 new markets all with their brand and budgetary constraints in-mind. 

We made use of our existing cosmetics industry expertise to deliver efficient translation solutions, orientated around intelligent services such as time-saving style sheets and computer aided translation (CAT) tools.

We created a master sheet for the client, with all of their labelling translations across 13 languages in one place for ease of use. Additionally, we built a glossary of translated terms in all 13 languages. This was done with the intention of creating valuable, long-term tools for Milk Makeup, creating further time and cost efficiencies in the future. 

Download the full case study

Download the case study and read how Milk Makeup has been able to enter 13 new markets all with their brand and budgetary constraints in-mind.