Ovacome Case Study


Who is Ovacome?


Ovacome is the UK’s national charity for ovarian cancer support. It provides vital support to sufferers of ovarian cancer as well as their family and friends and anyone who is affected. 

It has just under 4,000 members and supports almost 20,000 people a year. They offer a wide range of support services including telephone and online support as well as events and written materials.


The challenge

Dedicated to their cause of providing support and advice to all those affected by ovarian cancer, Ovacome wanted to achieve: 

  • Offering compassionate support in a wide range of languages
  • Expanding their online and telephone support to include other languages
  • Making their website more accessible to non-English speakers
  • Maintaining specific cultural sensitivities throughout

Ovacome is not a research or campaign charity, they remain focussed on the issue of support, and in order to achieve this more effectively they needed to expand their accessibility remit in as many ways as possible. 


Benefits at a glance

COS Benefits Icons-22

Broadened support offering through accessibility services such as BSL, Easy Read, and Braille, in line with accessibility regulations

E LEARN Benefits Icons-32

Cultural, linguistic, and educational sensitivities maintained throughout

COS Benefits Icons-20

Provision of service credits courtesy of Word360 to expand capabilities

COS Benefits Icons-time-47-1

Round-the-clock linguist availability

E LEARN Benefits Icons-31

Expert translation of website and printed content

HEALTH Benefits Icons-45

Access to more than 250 languages

NHS Icons-05

Creation of language and culture specific video content


How Word360 helped


Word360 has provided Ovacome with a dedicated account manager who works closely with the team to ensure interpretingand translation services are easy to book through our portal. With an in-house team where the majority are women, the whole Word360 team can relate to the important work the charity carries out. This translates into added value for the client in the form of sincere dedication.

Our work with Ovacome involved applying a spectrum of our services, including translation and interpreting in particular. We worked closely with the charity to translate swathes of web content and brochures into Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Urdu, Polish, Arabic, and Welsh. 

With Welsh being a more unusual language to source, this was an interesting facet of our work with Ovacome. 

This was twinned with the production of specialist videos in these languages too, providing a complete bank of accessible support. 

Additionally, with our help, Ovacome now offers its telephone and video conferencing support in a series of languages, with access to our bank of expert interpreters. This also extends to in-person support, with face-to-face interpreters on-hand for these sessions.

All of our linguists are advanced DBS checked as standard, and are professionally trained to handle sensitive information such as cancer support with adherence to various cultural sensibilities. This ensures that everyone who uses Ovacome’s services has equitable access to the support they need, regardless of language or cultural background.


The results


The Results


As a result of our provision of advanced accessibility services, Ovacome has been able to expand the reach of its services into a range of languages and thereby increase the number of people affected by ovarian cancer who are able to seek help. 

We have successfully translated a wide range of digital and print materials into target languages, with considerations for varying cultural sensibilities. We also maintained awareness of spacing requirements, with some languages occupying more space than English or reading right to left, as in the case of Arabic. 

All of Ovacome’s telephone, video, and in-person support is now available in a broad range of languages, through round-the-clock access to expert interpreters.


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