UK NARIC Case Study


Who is UK NARIC?


Now known as UK ENIC, UK NARIC represents the UK National Information Centre for global skills and qualifications. It provides a range of benchmarking, consultancy and capacity building solutions to global organisations. 

It also provides UK Visas and Nationality services on behalf of the UK Home Office. Its work is vital to helping UK organisations and employers recruit skilled talent from overseas. 


The challenge

As a central service for students coming to study in Britain, UK NARIC had a number of challenges they approached us with: 

  • The need to translate certificates and other official documents rapidly
  • Complete accuracy and consistency throughout all translations
  • The ability to understand qualifications equivalencies and provide the right level of certification

Arguably the main challenge offered by UK NARIC was the need to translate official and highly specific documents in very short spaces of time with no room for error. 


Benefits at a glance

TRAV Benefits Icons-27

Expansion of provision from 3 languages to 6

COS Benefits Icons-20

22% cost savings in 12 months

GOV Benefits Icons-16

Access to extensive rosters of specialised linguists

GOV Benefits Icons-12

Advanced CAT tools

Benefits Icons55-55

Same-day turnaround

GOV Benefits Icons-08

100% conversion rate of all documents

TRAV Benefits Icons-25

Bespoke workflows

HEALTH Benefits Icons-42

Dedicated account management


How Word360 helped


With a need to achieve such high degrees of time efficiency and accuracy, we began our work with UK NARIC by devising bespoke workflows, designed to deliver with the most efficient possible route through our system. 

We dipped into our extensive pool of linguists to find translators with the necessary skills and experience to understand the equivalencies of various qualifications for the UK. This means that all translations we produce for UK NARIC are provided in a way that is meaningful to their UK recipients at workplaces and educational institutions. 

In order to streamline our translation process for UK NARIC and to ensure high degrees of accuracy, our linguists make substantial use of our specialised computer aided translation (CAT) tools. These tools store banks of learned sector specialist terms and phrases, cutting translation times and ensuring consistency. 


The results


The Results


In the course of our work with UK NARIC, we have translated more than 100,000 certificates. Initially, the scope of our work extended to 3 languages, but in the wake of a productive relationship, has been expanded to 6. 

We have achieved a 100% conversion rate of all translated documents, and, thanks to the foundation of our bespoke workflows, we saved the client roughly 22% in costs within 12 months of our partnership. 

The use of highly-experienced translators blended with advanced translation memory software has meant that not only have all translations been provided within the required timeframes, they have also been produced with exceptional degrees of accuracy. 

Our experience with the UK Home Office and global educational institutes allowed us to advise UK Naric on the level of certification required, giving students confidence that the official documents will be accepted by the organisation they were submitted to. 


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