Fast, reliable and accurate translations of your written content by our experienced translators.

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Award-winning translations

Our global network of translators work around the clock in over 350 languages and dialects, delivering accurate and precise translation services. Working across a huge range of industries, the Word360 experts provide everything from technical content to medical reports. 


The ‘go-to’ translation agency

The cutting-edge technology we use allows us to store terminology and provide a consistent translation service. We’re the ‘go-to’ agency for translations because all translations are proofread as standard and our specialists have a minimum of 5 years’ experience. 

Our translation services

We provide a fast and easy way of professionally translating reports, documents, software and more. Find the service that best suits your needs and get in touch with our experts today.


We’re a widely recognised language services provider, and can provide certified translations of official documents.

Certified translation benefits
  • Translation by subject matter expert
  • Reviewed by independent native subject matter expert
  • Embossed with original ATC (Asociation of Translation Companies) certification stamp
  • Word360 authentication stamp
  • Free certified extra copy
  • Service guarantee - Accepted by UK government agencies*
  • Signed declaration & stamp confirming the accuracy of the translation

1 page certificate

Upto 300 words / free certified copy

2 page certificate

Upto 500 words

3 page certificate

Upto 800 words


No matter how complicated or niche the topic, we’ll deliver precise and accurate translations to ensure your projects run smoothly. 

  • Sector expert linguists 
  • Translation by native speakers
  • Use of style sheets for consistency and efficiency
  • Advanced translation memory software
  • Proofreading as standard

User guide translations

Up to 6,000 words translated by a sector specialist translator

Patent Translation

Upto 2,000 words / Translated by a legal expert

Sight translations

Sight translator for a full day / Sector specialist translator


Trying to access new markets or customers? We’ll translate your software or website so users know exactly what you’re talking about.

  • Maintenance of brand and tone-of-voice
  • Localisation for any market
  • 72.4% are more likely to buy products with information in their own language
  • 56.2% even say it's more important than price
  • Translations by sector expert, native linguists

Website Translation

Up to 8,000 words / human translation

Basic App Localisation

Up to 4,000 words / human translation

SEO Keyword localisation

Up to 30 keywords / target research


We work exclusively with native speakers, who are able to exercise their linguistic creativity for thorough localisation when required.

  • Expert, native linguists
  • Qualified translators with creative flair
  • Proofreading as standard 
  • ATC certified translators 


Translate 30 Social Media Ads

Upto 50 words per ad / includes creative research

Translation and design of a poster

Upto 450 words / 2 pages / Print ready file

Language Insight Research

One to one consultation / comprehensive report


Our experts translate confidential and sensitive medical reports quickly and accurately so everyone’s on the same page. 

  • Linguists trained in sector-specific language and practices
  • Translations into more than 250 languages
  • Ancillary and accessibility services including Braille, Easy Read, and BSL
  • Translate everything from patient letters to medical reports
  • 30 years' experience in the healthcare sector 



Medical letter translation

Upto 350 words / subject matter expert

Medical report translation

Upto 900 words / sector specialist / layout formatting

Patient Leaflet translation

Upto 4 pages / includes design services


Everyone should be able to enjoy your media content. We’ll provide subtitles or script translations so your visual content reaches the largest audience.

  • Ancillary and accessibility services incl. BSL
  • In-house subtitling and voiceover services 
  • Media creation and editing capabilities
  • Sector expert linguists 
  • Proofreading as standard


Translate your 3 minute video with subtitles

Subtitles / Script translation / delivered in mp4 format

Translate your 5 minute video with Voiceover

Subtitles / Voiceover / Script translation

Script Translation & Voiceover

Subtitle SRT file / Translation of script

Need a bespoke solution?

If you’re looking for something more unique, then we can help. Choose the language, upload the copy and we’ll calculate an instant quote just for you. 


Our sectors

The NHS, the public sector, charities - we’ve worked across a vast range of sectors and delivered outstanding translation services every single time. 

"We have been very happy with your service! Quick turn around, detailed and clear explanations when requested. We appreciate your help!"
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Some of our happy customers

We’ve helped organisations from all over the world and every sector imaginable find the solution to their communication needs.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a translation cost?

Prices vary based on the length, sector, difficulty, and format of the text you need to translate. Our prices start from around £0.06 per source word ($0.08).  As every project is different, we will build a quote that is designed for your needs ensuring you pay for the quality, speed and accuracy you need for your translation. 

Do I need to submit a document in order to receive a translation quote?

Yes. Once you submit your document, we will work quickly to review the length and complexity of the content and provide you with an accurate quote and lead time.

How can I get a quote for a translation?

We understand that it can be confusing when trying to get a quote for a translation with all the different options and choices available.  So we have broken down your options so that you can decide which buying solution is right for you. You can choose from:

Off the shelf

We have created bespoke packages designed with all the services you need for a perfect translation at a reasonable price

Get a Quote

Know what you need? Simply upload your files or number of words and our system will provide you with an accurate quote within seconds.  You can further customise your requirements such as expedited delivery or additional design work.

What is the difference between interpretation and translation?

The fundamental difference between interpreting and translation is that interpreting relates to the spoken word delivered either in person (face-to-face), over the phone or through a video conference.  By contrast, translation relates to written content such as documents other hard copy information.

Is there a minimum order size?

There is no minimum order size. However, if you order a translation of fewer than 100 words, we will apply a minimum £20 fee to cover our production and administration costs. This means, translating 1 to 99 words will cost you the same as if you were having 100 words translated.

Why Word360?

We’re passionate about making communication accessible and universal. No one should ever feel excluded from the conversation. Make sure everyone’s voice is heard and let us connect you with experts in over 350 languages. 

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