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Why Helplines Matter More Than Ever

Helplines Awareness Day 2023 Helplines are essential for people facing difficult times, such as ment...
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Lady Interpreting Online
5 ways remote video and telephone interpreting can help your business
By March of 2020, Zoom had added more new members than it had during the entirety of 2019. This marc...
Wordskii Connect: A Multilingual Inbound Call Solution
Have you ever had to phone someone in another country where they didn’t speak English?
Martin with the latest version of Wordskii
Martin on…doing software better
Today we’re joined by Martin, one of our senior developers at Word360. Off the back of Birmingham Te...
Word360 developer Dan is hard at work
Dan Discusses...Birmingham Tech Week
With all the excitement around Birmingham Tech Week, we’ve been speaking to our developers to get th...
Why communication is so important prevent the spread of COVID
After almost a full year of adapting to restrictions on travel, gatherings, and outings, we are now ...
Telephone Interpreting vs Face to face Interpreting – How do you know which is right for you?
The debate over which form of interpretation, face to face or remote as superior has moved to new le...
The Remote Touch – How digital technologies are reshaping the way we communicate
With the number of cases rapidly rising, the prospect of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, spreading th...