Word360 is proud to announce the extension of its language services partnership with Somerset Council, driven by data to meet the specific linguistic needs of the community.

Supporting growing language requirements

As an existing language service provider for Somerset Council, and through the existing renewed partnership with Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, the existing presence and comprehensive understanding of the changing landscape in  Somerset proved beneficial as the contract was in line for renewal.

With exposure to the local communities and a network of highly skilled linguists, Word360 are delighted with the council's decision to renew the partnership which builds on the foundations of a reliable and honest service.

Surge in remote services

The uplift in remote services was developed as a solution to ensure continuity throughout the pandemic, particularly in the public sector where cutting-edge technology to ensure seamless delivery of services was in high demand.

As a result, the heightened need for a dependable remote language service prompted the innovation team at Word360 to enhance their remote offerings.

The result is a dependable and practical solution through telephone and video interpreting, which has become the preferred service post pandemic. These services facilitate efficient, cost-effective, and reliable communication. 

Streamlining services

Recognising the importance of digital accessibility, Word360 is committed to providing technology solutions. The extension of the partnership involves transitioning face-to-face service requests to telephone and video interpreting, aligning with the council's commitment to embrace technology for the benefit of the community. Services such as British Sign Language and Easy Read also completed the council's offering to service users, in a bid to support people with hearing and learning difficulties.

A community-led approach

Word360's renewed partnership with Somerset Council goes beyond language services; it's a collaboration in supporting local initiatives. The company's continuous commitment to recruiting within Somerset and surrounding areas aligns with the council's objectives of promoting community engagement and having a positive social impact.

Procuring language services with confidence: a track record of success

Word360's services are not only accessible through various national frameworks, but also come with a track record of success. Using industry expertise and demographic data to understand and address language needs, Word360 offered Somerset Council a reliable route for language service procurement, ensuring that the linguistic diversity of the community is respected and supported.

As Somerset Council continues its dedication to serving the community, the extended partnership with Word360 reflects a commitment to data-driven language solutions which enhance communication and support local initiatives for the benefit of all residents.

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