Word360 has successfully renewed their partnership with Somerset Integrated Care Board (ICB). Through a diligent service delivery, Word360 have not only met but surpassed expectations resulting in the contract's renewal.

Somerset Integrated Care Board’s decision to continue the partnership with Word360 is reinforced by data and positive patient feedback, highlighting the contract commitment to delivering a client focussed and tech-enabled service.

A data-driven & forward-thinking approach

Within 12 months of service, Word360 delivered and exceeded service level agreements and proved the effectiveness of a tech-enabled delivery model:

  • Impact extended across 66 departments, with an award-winning customer service team on hand 24/7 to enable staff to access support when required.
  • The contract with the ICB enabled a staggering 2801 bookings to take place, reflecting the high demand for the service and Word360’s ability to cater to diverse language needs. This also led to the achievement of an exceptional 99% coverage, ensuring that language barriers were virtually eliminated for service users.
  • With an expansive network of linguists rooted in local communities, Word360 accurately matched linguists to the specific language needs of service users. 

Controlling budgets through report insights

As a technology-led service provider, Word360 worked alongside the contract management team to utilise live reporting data and optimise service delivery. By doing so, a decision to transition from face-to-face bookings to telephone interpreting when suitable helped in managing resources and ensured availability for those in critical need. This proactive measure demonstrated the dedication to prioritising service users' needs effectively.

Supporting frontline staff

By delivering a service which takes into consideration the time constraints faced by frontline staff, Word360 received positive feedback from staff working across the ICB sites. 100% of staff rating the service 5 out of 5 star reflects not only the service quality, but also the positive impact on the users' experience.

Kavita Parmar, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Word360, highlighted this commitment, stating:

“With our dedicated pool of professional linguists, we have been able to supply Somerset ICB with highly trained local interpreters that ensure local people can communicate effectively and ultimately have equitable access to healthcare. We’re committed to meeting the unique requirements of the contract, and we hope to expand on this in future.

"The decision by Somerset ICB to renew the contract underscores the exceptional quality of our services, our unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding language solutions, and our ability to consistently meet and exceed expectations."

We look forward to continuing this successful partnership, further enhancing accessibility and empowering effective communication for all.

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